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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hadden Sayers Band

Hadden Sayers is a Texan born in Nacogdoches, raised in Sugar Land. He started playing guitar as a teenager, and like many of us became immersed in live music. He attended Texas A&M University in College Station, TX, but music was his preference. He's hung out with Blues and Texas Music legends Gatemouth Brown, Joe Ely, Omar and the Howlers, Eric Johnson and the "The Ramones". Sayers did get a degree in Journalism, then moved to Austin, TX where he was fortunate to enter into a "blues internship" with legendary BB King rhythm section "Silent Partners".

Sayers then joined Bluesman Lucky Peterson’s touring band, followed by returning to Houston and hooking up with Miss Molly and the Whips making his recording and songwriting debut on her first 2 releases: “Miss Molly” (EFM 1992) and “In the Garden” (EFM 1993).

Sayers began work on his own album in late 1993 and the Hadden Sayers Band was born. In 2004 Sayers moved to Columbus, Ohio to re-invent and re-invigorate. After a two-year hiatus from relentless touring, Sayers has returned to the studio and stage with an armload of new songs that decidedly more "Texas" than the material he wrote while living in the state. "Its a classic case of absence making the heart grow fonder." "The material I'm writing today is directly linked to the dance halls and stages I frequented in my first groups.....blurring the line between Country, Rock and Blues". (excerpted from Hadden's bio on-line)

Our Saturday night "Garden Party" featured the Hadden Sayers Band, and until then,I'd not heard or seen them live. It was through one of DMan's band pals we had the treat to finally hear and experience them, live. "R." had seen them while on a trip to Houston. I was impressed with them, the night of our party there were just three of the band members present, but those three guys made some great sound. Apparently the size and number in the band varies depending on venue and availability.
Hadden Sayers Band, "End of the Road"

Now the lead singer, Hadden Sayers, doesn't have Taylor Hicks or Joe Cocker style of vocals, his vocal tonal sound remind me a little of Stevie Ray Vaughn, really, and he's certainly proficient on the guitar. The band had us dancing in the moonlight until our legal curfew. We've decided to make this an annual event and expand it yearly. It was like our own festival, kids running with lighted glow jewelry, running with sparklers, grills cooking a variety of things from corn on the cob to ribs. Margarita machines and home made brews. Tables were set up and down the long street that we had blocked off. Fireworks at dark (yes we know they're illegal). Next year, since this street is so long we're going for a band at each end. We definitely would want the Hadden Sayers Band to return.
Hadden Sayers Band, "Everybody's Talking"

We've also put in motion a group, band related trip, to New Orleans for Fall. Really digging the new band members DMan and his buddy, R., have compiled, especially love my new BFF, Patrick. He's a classically trained pianist and plays beautifully. He sent a bouquet of sunflowers through DMan last night because he was having thoughts his calling me an "Ass" right after we met might deserve flowers. DMan assured him, it was one of my favorite parts of the night, I found it so cool he was so uninhibited with me. The sunflowers though, nice touch.

The guys are are set to play more gigs throughout the Fall and have a New Year's Eve date to be excited about. Do I think they're going to be The Next Big Thing in Dallas music? No. Am I happy they're having such a great time together and DMan gets to keep playing? Yes, he loves performing.

Regarding the Hadden Sayers Band, if you'd like to explore their sound a little more, their complete discography can be found in that link.

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