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Monday, June 08, 2009

Robert Pattinson's New Name?

This photo begs to have the 'Rpattz' monniker changed to 'Rpantz'. Seriously when have you ever seen a man who can pull this off... or is it On?

A vest paired with a sleeveless t-shirt, sweat pants and well, underpantz. Now that's a Monday morning image that certainly cheers the mood. I could look at that all day. In fact I've printed it out on glossy and it will hang above this computer desk. Forever. ha.

And, not to leave out mention, his hair is a perfect work of art. I had company last night, (found she may have gotten into a bit of mischief on my laptop while I was cooking...) we had the place to ourselves. DD was at a friend's house to spend the night and DMan was at band practice. We watched ...."Twilight". Jazz had never seen it yet and well, life's not complete in the Pop Culture world until you've seen it at least once. Needless to say she enjoyed it very much and took my DVD home to watch it again.

This video is chock full of giggily /fangurl Squee moments. Song, The Cure's "Pictures of You".

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  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Something about him reminds me of a modern day Montgomery Clift.