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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Taylor Hicks' Twittering

Taylor Hicks is on Twitter. Really who isn't these days? Oh well probably thousands, but still, it IS The Thing these days and really quite fun. Mr. Hicks is twittering much more than he did initially. Currently he's up all the way now to 39 updates. Stellar! Well not really when chatty Cathy's like myself are heading for the 1500 mark within a two month span.

It's really sort of a vanity endeavor when you consider this whole phenomenon; by twittering messages, songs, whatever strikes your fancy you are assuming other people even remotely care what you think, what interests you. Likely that is one of the biggest draws for Twitter, embrace your inner ego and let it rip. Take that a step further and I think it reflects on a person's self image to even go there and do it. That said it is a nice little way to stay in touch with on-line friends outside of blog posts. By the way, anyone not initiated to this little on-line phenom, an update is in effect a post.

The majority of Mr. Hicks' twitters, tweets or twits; whichever you want to refer to them as have been text messages. An occasional few from the man's computer. He keeps them short and normally refers to his time spent in the "Grease" ice cream cone prop. He's even dubbed himself as Cone Ranger.

One of my favorite updates he's hung out on twitter, "How does anyone watch the Bachelor. My bad.People watch it because the success rate is so high." Seriously how does anyone watch that show? I'd rather stab myself with a pencil than watch that tripe. I know, considering my past history with my sub intelligent devotion to American Idol, there must be some sort of deviated irony in my slamming ANY show as being tripe. I mean qualifications for judgment not really something I can own, you know - considering...

Last night Mr. Hicks updated with, "Cheesehead night in Wisconsin.Go Back to that Cheeseball in the Sky." Which naturally screamed Norman Greenbaum's tune - a fitting one for a Sunday morning.

"Spirit in the Sky" remake by DC Talk

(I'm fascinated with how they got this footage.)


  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I just updated and talked about Taylor twittering, too. Say that three times fast. ahhaha

  2. NolaMar8:52 PM

    I was probably the only person in the counrty who had to have the Cheesehead/"Cheeseball in the sky" joke explained to them. LOL I've never watched Grease!