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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Angels, Faeries and Truth

I had a mad real discussion tonight with the man I live with. He's a guy I have known for many years, he's loved me, he's hated me, he's fought with me, but he continues to say I am the only woman he's ever known worth anything. I think that's validation.

"Nothing Ever Hurt Like You" James Morrison

Lyrics to Nothing Ever Hurt Like You
"Broken Strings"

Okay Who, put my man in such a turmoil, not to mention my heart? This gorgeously handsome man who likely will prove the insane death of Me. (He's Beautiful.)


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I guess I'm lucky to be married for 32 yrs to the same guy but seeing as how he is 20 yrs older than I, it is highly probable I will find myself single at some point. He's not perfect and he's certainly older and grumpier the last few years BUT I'm still not wanting to trade him in yet. If I lose him maybe I'll just stick to fantasy lovers. Fatasy lovers always know the right things to say. LOL.


  2. I was just posting at Spinshack. Basically apologizing for my whining and lack of reality. Also acknowledge I realise what this is and will hopefully push past it. It is a situation aiding my story. You know the whole angst driving the creative juices thing.

  3. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Hang in there. I posted over at Spinshack. If you can't whine with friends who can you whine with. LOL


  4. jerseyrish8:06 AM

    Sunny, Its good sometimes to get lost in the land of make believe. Like Dee I been with my hubby 29 years in July married 25 years in Feb and wouldn't trade him for anyone!! I think we all sometimes get lost in our thoughts and what if's, but come back to reality.

    Didn't get knocked out yet!!!