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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Taylor Hicks; Taylor Hicks - CD Drops to Number 15

Taylor Hicks debut CD has fallen to number 15 on Billboard's Top 200 chart. Taking the tumble with him, Young Jeezy, who, last week, saw him riding the top spot, this week, sends him plummeting past Hicks into the number 18 position. (My daughter, on the other hand, eight years old and a third grader, is thrilled to see her Idol, Hannah Montana still on the up and up in the number two position.)

Taylor Hicks' CD, according to the Nielsen SoundScan has gone Gold, selling 500,00 units in the United States. Considering that Taylor Hicks has not released any of the singles for radio play from the CD, and still he's generating these numbers speaks volumes regarding his fan base.

He's performed the first song off of the CD, "The RunAround" during his many recent television and live appearances promoting Taylor Hicks, the CD. In my opinion, this not such a stellar move, I'd think it would be of greater benefit to spread the music 'love' around, and mix it up more during the initial CD introductions, providing a more comprehensive view into the CD as a whole. Tracks that embody the Taylor Hicks' vibe that would provide deeper representation for the debut CD, "Heaven Knows", and "The Right Place", naming two, as well as Taylor Hicks' original tunes, "Soul Thing", "The Deal" and in the 'special' Wal-Mart issues, "Hell of a Day". You can listen to these tunes in their 'original form on this website, WBHM. I prefer the original sound of the tune, "Soul Thing", the re-mix replaces some of the 'soul' feel of the original version, melding into more of a funk piece. I prefer the soul vibe.

One of my favorite tracks, it just snuck up on me in the listening of the CD, I didn't intend to fall for it - but 'just got caught up in the maze'. This little tune has been discounted on a few fansites, titled, "The Maze" (scroll down to Top Albums, click it and the complete listing pops up including "The Maze"). Thrust into the center portion of Taylor Hicks' CD, this tune feels like a song Hicks' should turn some focus towards. The lyrics shout out radio friendly, but the contained vibe is soulful, it's a decently written mournful love tune. I could really dig hearing this piece coated with a touch of old-time John Lee Hooker style blues batter. Chorus lyrics flow:
    "I got in, but I can't get out that way.
    Baby you got me all caught up,
    You don't know what a maze you made.
    I got in a little deeper everyday,
    You know I don't wanna be found
    Runnin' around in a maze you made.

Compared to the lyrics in "The Runaround", the track he's been performing on all the recent television and live appearances - a sample:
    It's a whole new education
    I'm learning from you all the time
    There's no need for explanation
    Your examples do just fine
    I'm getting an A in Broken Hearts
    I got my degree in Crying

In my opinion, as is, "The Maze" is put together better, the music flows with Taylor Hicks' vocals into a natural groove. Infuse it with a more bluesy soul leaning and you've got a potentially great tune.

But what do I know? I did know from the moment I saw Taylor Hicks' audition during American Idol season 5 that he had what it took to do the deal. Intrinsically I felt the man had the heart and soul to take him to the top of that reality show. Taylor Hicks has always reminded me, for a reason I can't place my finger on it, of a boxer, a pugilist, like a Sugar Ray Leonard, with his heart and drive. Just like Sugar Ray came on the scene during a time boxing needed a new legend after the retirement of Muhammad Ali, the music scene is ripe for a real authentic new legend. Should Taylor Hicks remain true to his heart, true to his soul, he may just be the answer. Word to Mr. Hicks, don't let the suits give you the runaround, weave your own maze, make your own legend, the audience will follow.

Taylor Hicks' current tour dates:

Feb. 21: Jacksonville, Fla. (Florida Theatre)
Feb. 22: Tampa, Fla. (Tampa Theatre)
Feb. 23: Coral Springs, Fla. (Center For The Arts)
Feb. 24: Orlando, Fla. (Universal Studios)
Feb. 27: Mobile, Ala. (Mobile Civic Center)
March 2: Myrtle Beach, S.C. (House Of Blues)
March 3: Knoxville, Tenn. (Tennessee Theatre)
March 4: Asheville, N.C. (Orange Peel)
March 6: Huntsville, Ala. (Von Braun Center)
March 9: Atlanta (Tabernacle)
March 10: Birmingham, Ala. (Alabama Theatre)
March 25: Prior Lake, Minn. (Mystic Lake Casino)
March 27: Green Bay, Wis. (Weidner Center)
March 28: Milwaukee (Pabst Theater)
March 29: Chicago (House Of Blues)
March 31: Cleveland (House Of Blues)
April 3: Boston (Avalon)
April 6: Mashantucket, Conn. (Foxwoods Casino)
April 7: Westbury, N.Y. (North Fork Theatre at Westbury)
April 12: Lancaster, Penn. (American Music Theatre)
April 17: Baltimore (Rams Head Live!)
April 24: Columbus, Ohio (Lifestyle Communities Pavilion)
April 27: Kansas City, Mo. (Ameristar Hotel & Casino)

Groove on Soulman.


  1. Hey lady!

    I was wondering how the CD was doing ... I had a feeling it would be underappreciated. But - its life is young, it may resurge :)

    I love the Maze too - My personal favorites right now are Give Me Tonight and The Right Place.

    Ahhh. Like Buttah.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for stopping by clew, considering Taylor hasn't had any radio play due to no single released for that purpose, he's doing very well. "The Runaround" seems destined to be the one for the first release as he's played it every and anywhere he's appeared. His Orange Bowl performance was the real deal chucking aside the awful FOX orchestrated sound feed. They should be embarrassed.