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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Taylor Hicks, Charlie Brown Has Joined the Soul Patrol!

Apparently Taylor Hicks' tune, "Run Around" is destined to become a Soul Patrol favorite and headed towards the hit charts. Just in time for the holidays, Charlie Brown and gang join the Soul Patrol courtesy of the creative endeavors of 'junniperuscummunis' and youtube.com. Very clever and nicely done.

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" is my absolute favorite Christmas animation, I even own the CD given to me a few years ago by my loving daughter who knows her Momma's a child at heart.

I stumbled upon this clip while perusing the Gray Charles.com site. I was reading through the comments to Gray's feature, "Taylor Hicks is People, He's People". In what has become his trade-mark style, Gray Charles plays with words double hitting the magazine's title with a cult classic reference to highlight the recent article on Mr. Hicks in the current issue of People Magazine written by reporter Carrie Borzillo Vrenna.

Taylor Hicks, and this is an understatement, has been extremely busy this past year. Although the article puts emphasis on the value Taylor Hicks placed on being invited the the late great Ray Charles recording studio, being presented with a pair of cuff links previously owned by Ray, as well as the influence Ray Charles had, musically, on his life, it also indicates some nostalgia for simpler moments. Taylor Hicks, answering a question from a fan, mentions associating the smell of bacon with the leisure of breakfast at home, bacon frying up in a pan, and not much to do that day. While Taylor may have certain yearnings for those days of leisure, the man is thankful for the times at hand. Hopefully he'll have the gift of a few days off during the holiday season with someone preparing a homemade breakfast for him including bacon, while we fans enjoy the gift of his CD due out December 12.

Groove on Soulman.

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