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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Revisiting the Taylor Hicks' Wierd Al Yankovich "Creep"

Reviewing some of my Taylor Hicks files last night as we rebuilt my computer - my dear sweet, patient man was sent on a mission to make it better, stronger, faster...

I came across the Wierd Al Yankovich "Do I Creep You Out" parody video. That brought to mind, as my largely A.D.D. mind is known to ramble and roam, to the version of the Radio Head song, "Creep" that Magni Asgierrson performed during Rock Star: Supernova. Since I've recently shared some of my favorite Magni moments on this blog I'll include this one as well. (Scroll down to see the previous posting with more music from The Iceman.) The man has a voice so full of passion, so beautiful, so real, I'm sure anyone into real music can appreciate this artist.

And... he's no "Creep":

Taylor Hicks has a distinctive natural vocal sound and possesses the ability to communicate emotions and passions, so does Magni. Talent such as this type of vocal caliber is a gift, cannot be manufactured, but it should be admired.

I hope those fans who have embraced Taylor Hicks can appreciate Magni Asgierrson's abilities and will enjoy his performance. Check out his myspace and hear "Blue Christmas". "Thank you very much."

In all things, especially music, you gotta find your groove.

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