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Friday, December 22, 2006

New Music, Real Music the Complete Message, Right?

Granted this is a blog devoted to Taylor Hicks with much respect and adoration appropriately directed his direction. But, seriously since I am a fan of 'real music', and like Taylor's Official Blog Buddy, Gray Charles is prone to do, so might I.

This blog at this moment deviates away from the Taylor Hicks focus. Instead I'd like to introduce an artist that has completely impressed me, and impacted me, refreshing me in my love of rock and alternative rock music. You see, I have many music loves. I appreciate music in several genres, Rock 'n Roll, Blues, Jazz, and Soul. This man got my attention with his voice, his writing genius and his one-of-a-kind, loving personality. Big bonus - huge - the man can actually swing an axe (guitar) like a real rock star, not just stroke it with the mike off to look like he plays, and he possesses a voice that rivals Bono of U2. Magni Asgierrson is also a prolific writer, penning his own music and lyrics. He works some amazing acoustic songs, yet can when in the environment, outsing and outperform any well-known Rock Star out there. He took on Live's song, "I Alone" while competing on Rock Star: Supernova and solidly made Ed Kowalczyk's version seem anemic, lacking and weak.
Check out the improved Magni version here:

When you first hit the link to his site, don't be put off by the 'serial killer' countenance that will stare back at you. Magni's a sweet, kind loving man, who makes like my beloved dog, Cody, 'Big Bark, no Bite'. Being a Scandinavian (once removed) I understand his 'look'; it's all about the Viking thing (my predecessors hail from Sweden). Check out his myspace blog, Magni Asgierrson and give this absolutely talented man a few listens. For the Christmas holidays he's decided to take on The King and do my favorite Elvis Christmas song of all time, "Blue Christmas". Magni demonstrates his cheeky sense of humor and as you listen, what he intends is sort of a "Is it Elvis? Is it Magni?" tongue-in-cheek performance. The best version of this Elvis classic (besides Magni's - uh, hem) can be found on the stunning and enjoyable, my favorite Elvis album, "Tiger Man".

If "I Alone" may not be your cup 'o tea, check this Gorgeous performance:

And, if you have the time: "Clocks" (Coldplay):

Now tell me, he's better than the original, heh?

A stellar vocal performance can be found here:

Awaken your teen spirit:

Why do I feel like I'm cheating?

Real Music, Real Art Matters.
Merry Christmas.

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