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Friday, December 01, 2006

Access Hollywood Interview with Taylor Hicks

Today is the first time I saw the Access Hollywood interview in which Taylor Hicks is asked about the statements he made to the reporter with Relix.com concerning 'distancing' himself from Idol. Regarding the article I put together and put out on blogcritics.org in which I voice my perception and thoughts regarding the "controversial" comments made by Taylor, I guess I was riding down the right tracks. I picked up this interview link from the Gray Charles.com site today so if you're like me and have not seen it (where have I been, in a cave?) check it out by hitting this blog's title link.

Taylor Hicks will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight. Taylor's slated to be Jay's musical guest but possibly we'll see Tay have some 'couch' time so tune in. Word out we'll hear "Runaround", one of the new songs off the upcoming CD. From what I heard during the Christmas concert in New York, the more exposure this song gets the more benefit to The Soulman. I've got a link to the video on this site so check it out. I'm hoping by the time the CD hits the song has the same flair and fire as the live version.

Groove on Soulman.

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  1. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Oh, I hope you saw it tonight. He got a standing ovation.