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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Taylor Hicks Go-es Fishing, catches the Big Boogie

Taylor Hicks' latest media endeavor, GoFish.com, features in the latest videos a creative piece introduced by Boogie. The video plays in short-film speak, and is to date the most entertaining, creative, and just plain Soulfully infused inquiry-vid to date. Like the Beetles had the Yellow Submarine, Boogie pilots the Fushia multi-level bus and sends out some soul shivers with his "Leon Redbone"-esque voice-overs. Soul Patrol at its finest.

On the downside, the Libra within me must be satisfied, and so I bring to the forefront a comically entertaining piece. This endeavor is posted by a real dyed in the wanna-wool fan and self-proclaimed Soul Patroller, 'poetcindy'. Looking at this video, one thing I feel the need to point out - this submittee presents herself as a previous Taylor Hicks interviewer, and allows on the fact that she is a w-r-i-t-e-r, yet, she misspells "vieo" (video) and then carries on with 'Quetion' (Question) in the very opening of her 'take'. (My advice, just take a moment and spell check, Chica.) One other thing, she begins with direct questioning and comments then abruptly switches to third personage, replete with fan anthem spiced proclamations. W-r-i-t-e-r-s need to retain their common tense to stay true. Reaching into the psychological aspects of the video, let's think as humans, how weird, and perhaps surrealistic it might be to have a query video developed with, for the most part, images of your own face combined with screens containing writings displaying messages such as, "Lovingly we wait for him To make history". This video does include some very nice background tunage, "Heart and Soul", one of the stellar tracks from the CD.

I really thought GoFish.com would be completely inundated with video clips containing fan questions and commentaries and as of today, only six in the list. Watching and fishing.

Groove on Soulman.


  1. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Ok I think this is the third or fourth time I have seen you use this persons name on websites twice being here and couple times I've seen it somewhere else . You sound like Simon complaining about Taylor. Do you have a problem with this person if so what would that be?

  2. Tonya, no it is the Second time. Thank you for the Simon comparison. I have no issue with that person, I do not know her. It is MY blog and if I find reason to comment I will. Just being constructive in some ways. She's constantly touting her status as an interviewer and a writer and her "chops" need much work - not professional calliber. You might call me out that my criticism is not nice, or whatever, but it is my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read my blogspot and for your comments, they are always appreciated. Take care.

  3. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I don't see professional here either. I have read lots of her stuff she gets paid to write and she has interviewed 3 people and I have heard more coming so maybe there is something there. But I'm not a professional critic so I don't know. I just know what I like.

  4. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Oh you like being compared to Simon. He couldn't choose the winner remember? Now he is a big baby coming up with excuses why Taylor won. As a fan of Taylor as you say you are looks like being compared to Simon would be an insult. Shows your opinion doesn't mean much just as Simon's doesn't.

  5. I'm not claiming professional status anyplace in my blog. I'm just a blogger. I was, in this particular blog reading through some of the gofish.com material, and watching videos to see what folks had submitted. The one I have pointed out made me laugh. I've read her articles, most begin (the ones about Taylor) almost word for word the same way then segue into the topic of the piece. She pointed out to me that she was interviewing other Idols, etc... and I wished her well. I'm sure many readers like her writing. I'm not saying I dislike all her stuff, just commented on this "vieo". Hell, we all make mistakes. You are apparently someone who knows her and feel defensive on her behalf, that is fine. You must be a nice person.

  6. And to "Anonymous", you sound so third grade. Like 'nah nee nah nee boo boo'. Grow up.

    Regarding my accepting the Simon Cowell comparison or whatever, he's an intelligent, successful individual; comparing me to him places me in high company. He may have been wrong about Taylor, or...think about it this way, perhaps he was making good television. Controversy was created, loyalty towards Hicks perpetrated stemming from the desire on some fronts to 'prove Simon wrong'. I wrote a piece regarding that very same issue to push Hicks, published in blogcritics.org. It ran very effectively and the article was quoted widely throughout many forums. The piece was designed to become somewhat of a battle cry to rally folks to vote for Tay, to 'prove Simon wrong'.

    Simon Cowell is more than likely one of the most recognizable personalities in the entertainment world today. He comes across biting and often labeled mean, but the contestants and the wanna-be contestants crave his approval. Why do you think that is?

  7. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Is this the same poetcindy that Taylor mentioned in his latest GoFish Video? If so she must have made a impression on him.

  8. I still find the video humorous, I always will and no matter how many of her lovely friends come to comment on my site it won't change anything.

    It is indeed a memorable video filled with all kinds of mush, fawning, and well, its kind of weird. Funny weird. I have shown it to my friends, how we have laughed and enjoyed it. Hey, we have helped to boost its numbers regarding being seen, so see, I have actually helped Miss poetcindy.

    I'm sure poetcindy did make an impression on Taylor. The video uses a good song of his from the CD and it is... lengthy. (She also interviewed him for Associated Content and she points this fact out in the video.)

    One thing I am thankful for, none of her pals have threatened to come beat me up on the playground... yet. That is a relief. Whew.

    For all the press and commentaries I've received I may use it in an article for real publication off this blogspot. I'm thinking about it. You know the whole fan phenom thing.