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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Taylor Hicks takes up Fishing

Taylor Hicks, has joined GoFish.com in a new and compelling adventure. For the next nine weeks fans can participate in a video question and answer exchange found here. Format stands, Taylor Hicks will review videos sent in by fans, listen to their questions, and provide answers for them. Fans unable to download videos (or perhaps too shy) can simply tune into GoFish and enjoy this voyeuristic opportunity.

Taylor Hicks demonstrates once again, loudly and clearly, that he understands what his fans want and once again, brilliantly is delivering. There should be a great deal of entertainment found in this format, viewing the videos by fans. The Soul Patrol members will be gearing up to shoot their videos for Taylor even more than before but the beauty of this opportunity, they can create a video directed to Taylor Hicks, like their very own interview.

Check out GoFish.com for the current volume of videos created of Taylor Hicks' performances,as well as the videos created 'dedicated' to him. (I mean, even Wierd Al Yankovic had to post his 'tribute' to Taylor in the recent past.) Being a new media move, it's bold, requiring some courage and tact on Taylor Hicks' part, handling the questions and videos by a variety of fans. I plan to check it and feature some of my favorites found off the site.

This GoFish venture as well as the fact that Taylor Hicks is utilizing the talents of blogger extraordinaire, known as "Gray Charles", a man whose Taylor Hicks blog last began January during the American Idol 2006 season, points towards Mr. Hicks' media savvy. Taylor Hicks once again rises head and shoulders above the rest of the Idols that have come before. Surely many in the ranks of the Soul Patrol will relish this opportunity.

'Fish on', Soulman.

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