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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Taylor Hicks Top 200 Billboard Ranking (early edition)

According to the early (so as yet, not quite official) Billboard reports, Taylor Hicks' post-American Idol self-titled CD will enter the top 200 charts at the Number two spot following its first week's release. (The Official Billboard charts will publish on Thursday.)

This is the top twelve as I am hearing it:
1 Young Jeezy Inspiration: THUG MOTIVATION
2 Taylor Hicks: TAYLOR HICKS
from spot #4 rising to #3 Miley Cyrus: HANNAH MONTANA SOUNDTRACK (my daughter's fave)
from spot #5 to #4 Various Artists: NOW 23
from #11 to #5 Josh Grobin: JOSH AWAKE
from #10 to #6 Carrie Underwood's: SOME HEARTS
#7 Chris Daughtry: DAUGHTRY
#8 Beatles: LOVE
#10 Il Divo: SIEMPRE
#11 Ciara: EVOLUTION

I'm "cheersing" Taylor Hicks on what looks to be a strong debut. Taylor Hicks has been quoted by 'Gray Charles' in the Taylor Hicks Official Blog as saying 'it's not about the numbers it's about the music'. Should this be the actual case, and Taylor Hicks has indeed said this, I interpret it as Taylor Hicks desiring to stress he places his art above profit.

Bottom line, one doesn't strive as long and as hard as Taylor Hicks has done to gain the center stage, to get his music heard to not desire the numbers reflect that his goal is being met and that he is succeeeding. Numbers on the charts are an indicator in the public sector that the message is being heard and what impact the music is actually having on the public regarding acceptance.

In this first week of sales, its obvious that the Taylor Hicks fans are sending out their positive message. Numbers do matter, numbers indicate that folks are listening, and numbers physically show that folks are out there willing to spend their time and monies to hear Taylor Hicks' sound, his music. The next test will surface during the following weeks. These numbers will attest to the strength in marketing the self-titled CD, and how the Taylor Hicks' fanbase will expand.

So far so good Taylor Hicks.
Groove on Soulman.

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