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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Where in the World is Taylor Hicks?

Taylor enjoying some down time at a (beach) resort area. Obviously not in the latest hurricane's path so let's see...possibly Cozumel/Cancun? Puerto Vallarta? Jamaica? St. Thomas, St.Bartts?
Reportedly Taylor is vacationing someplace ... perhaps getting a little sun and fun and beach time.

People Magazine is going to be on Today Show tomorrow talking about the 50 most eligible bachelors issue that is coming out....today show showed two shots of Taylor being photographed for the issue, talk is the bachelors featured will be present in one way or another. Possibly Taylor will do a remote interview. I'll be watching.

Reported from the American Idol Boards from
IDOLWATCHER33 (a recap on the radio interview Hicks' did do this morning from his 'secluded location)
- Taylor is hiding out at an undisclosed location. When he goes out to eat, people ask him for autographs and pictures.
- Walking on the beach and people see him and say, "hey! I know who you are!"
- Regarding all the media interviews, he enjoyed the Today Show. He watched it growing up, Katie Couric and Matt Lauer. Willard Scott. They have a huge crowd for the people that perform. CBS Early Show was great. Radio interviews - he enjoyed talking with different radio stations around the country.........
- After 10 years in trying to get publicity as an artist, he finally has it.
- Regarding his album: If they really want Taylor to sing a song, they will have to pry his mouth open - if he's not willing to sing it. People in the record label knows that if he doesn't believe in the product, the product will not sell.
- He got a chance to chat with Michael McDonald. He is really excited about the incredible interest he got from some artists willing to work with him.
- He is going to get some free time to visit some record stores and get lost in the jazz and blues section and try to locate the DIMYP album. He is hoping that is what he sees when he walks in the door.
- Talking about 1st song rumor (not wanting to sing the 1st one they suggested). It is true! Taylor says you can't make me sing a song that he can't identify with. It didn't jive too well with him and he found DIMYP.
- Taylor says DIMYP can be sung anywhere - can be applied to anything in life that anyone is proud of.
- Regarding the familes of other idols, they were great.....
- Regarding who he got close to: He says it's hard to get close to those who were let go in the early stages of the competition. He mentioned getting close to Chris, Kat, not sure if he said Elliott - but we know they are close.
- Top 4 or 5 are the main ones he got close to. He mentioned Paris. They all had a good time.
- His favorite performance and least favorite: He liked In the Ghetto. He arranged every ending to every song he sang on the show. That was his way of getting his creative juices into somebody else's music. He wrote all the endings for audience reactions. In the Ghetto sounded a little bit like Aretha sessions.
- He said country week was hard for him. It was too quick. He was starting the show off. Things were flat. He got through each week. Luckily he was still standing.
- Regarding judges. He sat down with the judges, had a drink. Simon congratulated him. Gave Paula a hug. Saw Randy on Larry King. Very cordial and nice people.
- Host said Taylor smiled a lot, liked his dancing. Taylor said thank you. Said some people like it and some don't. Regarding those who don't like his dancing, he says they don't have to watch it if they don't like it, it's a free country. LOL!!! Go Taylor!
- Regarding the AI band, he loves them.
- Radio host makes comment about it sounding like Taylor is in the water. Taylor responds, "it sure does doesn't it..."
- Regarding his future: He doesn't know where he is going to live (LA or AL. Says he's kind of like a musical gypsee. He kind of likes it. It was his lifestyle before. He will be on a tour bus for the tour.
- Regarding performing in bars - would like to visit them. That's where he learned how to perform in front of different kinds of people.
- Do not know when his album is coming out. Hoping 3 months. He wants to make sure his album is good.
- Regarding his management team pitching him for TV and movies. He says he's just trying to work on his album, stick to music righ now. Maybe later. Shampoo ad for Head and Shoulder IS NOT TRUE. If it is, he hasn't hear anything yet.
- Regarding Chicken Soup for the Soul Patrol. He would love to do that. Regarding Michael McDonald, he called Taylor and they chatted about some things. MM going on tour. It was a good conversation. Maybe they can write together soon. Taylor has been listening to him for a long time.

And word forthcoming on whether Hicks is "Head and Shoulders" above the rest - I guess that's a Not Gonna Happen for Now deal. I know a lot of Soul Patrollers were not giddy about the idea of Hicks doing the commercials.

Heck I just wanted to see him emerge from the shower.

Groove on Soulman.

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  1. Sunny! Thanks for this great writeup. I've heard a LOT of buzz about the H&S commercial too and wondered how true it was.

    Geez I'm so excited for Taylor and all the great stuff finally happening for him. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! :)

    Haven't been around for a while but it's always good to check in on you.

    BTW I finally got my UTR and I can't stop listening to it. TREMENDOUS. I can't wait till fall.