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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Great F-Bomb Debate, with a word from CONFUSCIOUS

Actually this whole matter brought a Shakespeare play to mind, "Much Ado About Nothing". I think it's an appropriate fit for the topic at hand, one of my favorites by the bard.

There I was, innocently visiting the American Idol Boards this a.m. as I am wont to do on Monday mornings, to discover that a conversation between the Great Gray Charles and Taylor Hicks, a snippet of dialogue created a "tad" bit of havoc on the board.

A few of us came up with a solution; "flexy633" and "pokerjoni" and myself commenced as such:

"Can someone PM me a message board where we can discuss Taylor without being censored and where there aren't a bunch of Church Ladies?"

(which invited the response)

"Wish I could, BUT that would make a great SNL segment!!
They should bring the chuch lady back (Dana Carvey) and have her interview Taylor. That would be one hilarious skit! "Could it be....SATAN???"

The Great F-Bomb Debate
Carvey would be sitting there primly carping on and on about offensive language in today's world, and the SNL Taylor Hicks guy would be shouting WOOO! everytime Carvey, in his rant inadvertently dropped the Bomb.

(SNL, you are free to contact me, speaking for all of us, yes, we would accept funding for the rights for SNL to utilize our material.)

Controversy included some "poor innocent dear" who wandered into a thread discussing the F-Bomb and followed it through to Gray's then promptly had to express her dismay. I searched for the smelling salts to waft beneath her sensitive nostrils, alas none to be found. But a note to her and those like her in the future, "Confuscious" say,
Let Common Sense be thy master; let Foolish Play be thine disaster.
(OK it's really me, not the ancient Chinese seer and intellect I doubt he'd say thy and thine. Guess it's a combo Shakeespeare and Confuscious. But do check out the quotes in the link *wink, wink* .)
*bowing in my terry-cloth bathrobe*

Coming from a gal who as a wee 3 year old, hospitalized with bronchial pneumonia following a transPacific flight to Manilla, Phillipines, who vociferously cursed at nuns while held captive in a Catholic hospital, from between the bars of my crib, I just don't get the fuss. My beloved Grandfather was a copper miner in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, who believed curse words were just how one spoke. I practically lived with he and my Grandmother until Mom and I travelled to Manilla to join Daddy stationed at Clark Air Force Base. Needless to say the nuns were probably thinking an exorcist was needed as I spat expletives and took the Lord's name in vain to scare them away from my cage, er crib.

According to my poor parents, I roared at the nun/nurses and told them I was a tiger and going to eat them. (Sadly to say, I have been a complete embarrassment to my folks my entire life.) But, seriously, those black hooded nuns kept coming at me with - to me - giant shots, I was fearful, enclosed in an oxygen tent which made everyone look wierd, so I had to bluff them. (I have actual memories of that experience.) Well, that did not keep them at bay for long, so I went into the language "Bupa" used when "Bible Thumpers" rang our doorbell. Now I substituted 'crib' for 'porch', which is what Bupa actually said. "Get the Hell away from my crib" was a good line. Poor nun/nurses recoiled the first time I shouted that one. I kept up the growling, you know, just in case. But later, I had to step it up a notch, so I put into use his favorite invective, "Jesus Christ!" followed by, "I said, get the Hell away from my crib!" Yes I saw the look of horror when I used those words, very effective. I remember fighting with every painfully drawn breath each time they'd reach into my cage, er crib, and hold me down for a shot. After a few weeks in that place, I did eventually bond with one of them and calmed down.

Bottom line, the whole situation is crazy, and really Much Ado About Nothing.

Swear Groove on Soulman.


  1. the use of fucking as a positive adjective, as in "now this is a fucking song" is the highest form of compliment. why repress it? if it's good and you get caught up in the moment and words cannot full express - well, fuck it.

    tangent - i'm flying to manila next friday! how long did you live on base with your father?

  2. We lived there until I was 6, then moved back to the States. I remember just a few things from there; the rain, our maid, Rosita whom I spent a lot of time with, the jeepnies, the markets.

    It really was silly for so many on the boards to get so riled up about his choice of words.