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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Taylor Standing Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

Proving that Taylor Hicks is 'Head & Shoulders' above the rest, the shampoo maker is trying to get a Tay Tay endorsement.

I can visualize the "TeeVee" commercials...Taylor in a steaming shower, sudsing up with a bottle of "Head & Shoulders" on the side of the shower. Cut to Tay emerging dripping wet from the shower, a towel strategically swathing his wet and dripping man-self, panning the length of his long legs, then back up to a devilish smile as he rips a towel through his hair, shaking off the water...Cut to the combe through, all fluffy and dry, salt and pepper silvered hair. Another Taylor smile - then he pumps his fist and says "Soul Patrol!" Director (of the commercial) yelling, "No, NO! I've told you, that's NOT in the script!"
Taylor would just smile.

Just don't go Ms Clairol and do one of those, (*singing*) "Gonna wash that gray all outta my hair". No that would not be cool.

Groove on Baby.

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