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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Little Memphis Blues Orchestra

Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, the band that Taylor Hicks helped to assemble's space on myspace.com has three of their tunes to listen to...

Band Members Brian Less-Piano Vocals Mitch Jones-Bass Zippy Dieterich-drums Vocals Sam Gunderson-Guitar Vocals
Influences Allman Brothers Band-Jerry Lee Lewis-Widespread Panic-Stevie Ray Vaughn-Jimi Hendrix-B.B.King.

This is the myspace.com location to find Tay's band LMBO (LiMBO) whom we saw him perform with while visiting B'Ham (Birmingham, AL) during the latter phase of AI5. Talented group of guys. This is ironically the type of band I used to tour clubs to find to spend time listening to B.B.K. (Back Before Kids)

Tay did a great job finding and putting together this group. They compliment him so well, will be great to hear them do more recordings together. If you haven't bought their album, "Under the Radar", scroll down on my site and click the link. It's a great listen, great buy, will give you an idea of what to expect later with Taylor Hicks. Good tunes. Nice band.

Click here to visit their space.

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