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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gray Charles (.com) Scores Exit Interview!

You go Gray! Taylor Hicks has been in contact with the Great Gray Charles (.com) "blogmaster" in the initial stages of the interview bidding adieu to the blog that began in the very early stages of season 5 American Idol. We'll stay tuned for updates on this event.

"Gray" and WOOO Radio "Official Soul Patrol" (the first one, not the one melded into the TaylorHicksfan.com site), were my two favorite hang-outs in the competition phases. "Gray's" site I loved for the obvious and I loved the simplicity of WOOO Radio with the shout box and the tunes. I tried forums, (American Idol message boards became one I can hang with, they've had some excellent posters hanging out over there and "Tuestays" were a fun cyberride) but overall standard forums aren't for me, too much inside drama, complete with backstabbings, sometimes high schoolish clique-ishness exclusionary tactics, complete with snide and unnecessary personal attacks I'd witness in between sitemembers; who needs that - I don't - with a family like mine I can witness that first-hand and not watch and listen as it happens in and amongst complete cyber strangers.

I was very sad to see (and hear) the folks with WOOO Radio leave (and hand over their boom box to another site) and now will sorely miss Gray's sometimes ironic, mostly always informative, intelligent and entertaining posts. I loved his coverage of other musical acts, some I wasn't aware of, but now, that "Gray" introduced me, am a fan.

It is fitting that Taylor provide "Gray" with an interview upon the exiting of the site from cyber-Hicksdom. "Gray", for many months provided a classy intelligent site for Soul Patrollers to haunt and post to one another. It is generous of Hicks, and so very right that he's doing this and reinforces my impression received of the man over the course of his famous beginnings.

Regarding the graycharles.com site, there are posts that I need to catch up reading which when new material no longer manifests, I will have time to return to read through. I am glad that in physical form at least, the site will be available for reviewing.

I am looking forward to the interview and will attach links to it on my blog as part of the chronicle I, compared to "Gray", lamely work to put together about Taylor and his progress. Taylor is scheduled to talk with "Gray" again today. I'm certain he will prepare a concise and insightful interview, staying true to the format we're all used to from the man.

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