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Monday, June 05, 2006

Video: Jailhouse Rock performed on Fox 6 B'Ham!

This is a great rendition of Jailhouse Rock! I hadn't seen it previously on the FOX 6 site - must have somehow missed it! This would be a great version for Taylor to put on his upcoming CD! Just Great! LiMBO does an amazing job; these guys work so perfectly together. Click the title link!


  1. bigsis2:48 PM

    Sunny -- this is the best version of JailHouse rock I've seen him do and the harmonica is amazing.

    I can't find anyone who has downloaded this and am afraid it will disappear. Do you know if there is a file somewhere I can link to?

    Love your site.


  2. We were not able to set this up in my computer or download it to a download site as we couldn't find the direct links. If you go on FOX6 you can't find the link anymore (at least I couldn't) but it is still playing with the article. Hopefully it will remain here!
    Thanks for visiting! Glad you found the video I was so excited when I saw it - wasn't on the regular FOX 6 programming shown on TV.