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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Caution, Buckle your seat belts...

Caution, buckle your seat belts tight, dangerous curves ahead, sharp and unknown angles in the track to navigate, hold tight when screaming through the loops - but at the tiptop of the roller coaster ride ahead for the Soul Patrol - the view will be amazing.

After reading some of the controversy on the Soul Patrol forum fronts regarding Hicks performing with Snoop Dog in B'Ham, I became motivated to address this topic.

I discovered much of the negative controversy stemmed from the ultra conservative small town factions who still view Snoop as just a gansta rapper. To set the Snoop Dog record straight, granted the man's early days in the rap music world were rooted in the "gansta" mythology, but the man has morphed, grown up, altering the lifestyle he became known for in the beginning. Gansta ties, and recreational drug use have been delegated to past tense for Snoop Dog, as is already known to those of us wading through the waters of current times. What has come to the fore, Snoop has emerged as an incredibly creative, talented and versatile guy with a schtick that has worked to jet him to fame and fortune; who can seriously slam that in any way? Granted if not a fan of rap, one might find it difficult to get into the vibe, but as a closet rap fan - not hardcore rap mind you, I'm more of an Eminem kinda gal - I can appreciate rap for the poetry, the passion. Here's a background piece on rap in a report published by Yale University.

I've also enjoyed Snoop's tongue in cheek performances on the big screen and find the man definitely not one to take himself as seriously as those who don't get him might. I too, can appreciate growing and changing bad lifestyles for better. Circumstances happen, situations occur whether happenchance or out of necessity that influence how you live your life. What you do with the knowledge gleaned from experience is what makes you the person you become.

The Soulman's appearance with Snoop did much to elevate and validate my opinion that Tay is going to do what HE wants to do and will not be pigeon-holed and forced into a set musical genre' by anyone. Taylor is his own man ladies and gents. I absolutely love that about him.

Being a Libra, I understand.

So, fellow Soul Patrollers be aware now, be ready now, make sure you buckle your seat belts, get ready for one of the most entertaining, fun, and wild rides of your life. (Don't forget the dramamine darlin's, and oh, hang on tight.) This is going to be great fun!

Groove on Soulman


  1. I fully agree, lady. I have heard a lot of flack about this too, to which I fervently correct them. I admire that Taylor is spreading his wings and trying what he not only wants but is able to do now. He's said many times he loves hip hop and he was clearly having a ball with the experience. And for that I was happy for and with him.

    The sharks of jealousy and teardown are starting to circle, and are taking bites where they can. But I believe Taylor's integrity and genuineness - and trueness to himself, his music and his fans - will prevail.


  2. You're on target with the 'sharks' comment. (Very poetic - sadly true)

    I thought it very independent, ballsy, yet one more action bt Taylor that completely verifies my instinctual initial and continuing impression of Taylor. My respect for the man continues to grow.

    I'm certainly buckled in, sitting with increased anticipation for what he'll bring next!

  3. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Except that it was just LAST YEAR that he's been banned FROM THE WHOLE UNITED KINGDOM for drugs and behavior. He's a thug. Love Taylor, but Snoop does *not* help him.

  4. I don't think this was a message of "help", more of an artists' collaboration. I have artist friends that are into things I am not; may not be the Best Ideal Citizens, but that's not the point.
    Thanks for posting.

  5. OH wait, too many beers; I meant that I don't think Taylor was Needing help or Seeking help from Snoop. It was an Impromptu' situation which is SO VERY COOL, and they went with it.
    Again - man, I don't mind differences; I thrive and live for that and so appreciate differences. Debate can be good for intellectual conversation sake.
    It's good. Groove on man.