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Monday, November 26, 2007

Taylor Hicks, The Truth, The Lies, The Insanity - Oh And the Taking IT All Too Seriously

The Taylor Hicks's Chicks, Chill and her five, sometimes six posters with the Caroline Lyders' Fan Club including the insane straight jacket "I wanna be MFOYA" individual, make this just way too easy.

Taylor Hicks, man God love him, I am sure never foresaw anything of this magnitude coming down the road back in New Orleans. Once again it seems the gals were clucking away today on the Caroline Lyder's Fan Club about the on-line presence known as MFOYA, and of course my name got brought up. Man, like grain tossed in a hen pen.
MFOYA and myself (I'm Scully):

Now play this as you read:

As I finished reading through the recent postings at the Caroline Lyder's Fan Club, and am laughing so hard it's hard to type, I marvel at the tenacity of the fiery regulars that post there. They are certainly a busy and curious group: the post I have just read is titled Suspension of Disbelief" and utilizes one of my favorite (gosh, how sweet, how did they know?) television shows of all time --- "The X-Files". Man that was a great show. Too bad the Taylor Hicks Chicks had to go ruin the moment with highjacking Mulder to attempt to make a point.

I am now being labeled as MFOYA's BFF or 'moll'. Sweet, I'm someone's BFF. Seen that acronym, never used it. Too, I'm a "mobster" for goofing on the really ridiculous nature of this situation with the inbred mentality tallying up at the CL Fan Club. Man, much of what I write is completely with laughter coming forth, I'm a giant goofus, and the last to take much of this very seriously; including kicking anyone's ass - regarding Taylor Hicks and this Caroline Lyders situation, but sadly this site takes takes every printed word with utmost seriousness regarding intent.

Now, as I stop chuckling for a moment; the laughter not detracting from my love and adoration for MFOYA because I'll be MFOYA's Scully BFF and moll any day rather than one of the pecking chickies at CL Fan Club. It is amusing that this MFOYA is so completely consuming and ultimately fascinating to the loyal few hanging with the Chill-ster.

True, I have allowed myself to be a target by my supporting MFOYA, not because I completely agree on all points, rather I admire MFOYA's complete balls out bravery in the face of the scrutiny challenging their assertions regarding this apparently ultimately fascinating and the most serious of issues and topics in the world of Taylor Hicks. Too, perhaps it's envy on the Chickies part, perhaps its a chemical imbalance shared among the five of them - I have no idea, I just keep scattering the grain. Here chickies, chickies, chickies... Man I love to feed the chickies.

I guess Tony Soprano bettah move ovah.

Taylor - man, I have no words, I am just laughing. At least they are talking about you, man.


  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I can assure you, some, if not all of us who are reading and posting on these blogs, are laughing at this and it doesn't matter which side you're on. Do I take any of this seriously? Of course not. I look at this as being reprieve from real life. Is Taylor the butt of the joke? Well, yeah, he is. I have a feeling he's laughing right along with us.

  2. Good to hear, man, and welcome to my blog. Glad to read some of us on the same page... so to speak.

  3. hicksfan77:20 PM

    re: "anything of this magnitude " - R-U effing kidding me? a couple dozen fans providing differing opinions? I am sure Tay would not give a rip even if he knew. What an ego!

    And- you Sunny - continue to perpetuate the craziness by consistently posting about it....cripes.

  4. hicksfan7, my line 'anything of this magnitude' is a sarcastic remark directed at this silliness. 'Magnitude' is really a funny way to look at the gossip and speculation.

    Too bad you have no appreciation for the post itself. I think it's rather imaginative, (just my huge ego talking)it's an answer to tie in what was being discussed over at Chill's site. My name was mentioned ergo, I have a reason to reply.

    Talk about Pot calling kettle black, check the mirror baybee as you continue to fuel the discussions over at the other site. tsk, tsk.

  5. hicksfan77:51 PM

    I may fuel BUT I am not the one calling it silly foolishness - so I am not insulting myself. I just DON'T UNDERSTAND - how a fan of Taylor could believe a word of that B.S. at MFOYA.

  6. I have said repeatedly I don't necessarily believe what MFOYA has to say regarding the gossip about Taylor and CL and don't really care about it.

    Thing is I have found MFOYA interesting. They have a passion about them that is intriguing.

    CL Fan Club started directing hits at me simply because I posted at MFOYA. The site leader, in their rather feeble way continues to peck at me for that 'crime'. I refuse to let the CL fan club influence my pursuits on-line, it's really futile. Too, the jabs at me, my new name, "Dark Days" unimaginative. Pecking away at me like well, you know.

    I feel badly for the way this plays out for CL, it is she getting beat up the most, really.

  7. Anonymous2:53 AM

    Here is a suggestion Sunny, if you are troubled with the content on the CL site...stay away.. easy as that.

    Both sites, mfoya and the CL site are doing nothing productive at all. If nothing, these sites are an embarasment to Mr. Hicks and his fans. I refuse to spend time on such petty crap! It's just to bad so many are facinated with bull.

  8. I intend to do just that, I'm bored with the whole thing anyway. It was just interesting for a while how intense the participants really are over this strange matter.

    Thanks, friend.