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Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Liar, It Takes One to Know One" and "Rise from the Ashes"

Taylor Hicks, no, not Taylor Hicks videos this morning. Instead I am utilizing an alternative communication tool - not words, instead music videos. Now, come on what I am talking about?

In the mean time, broaden your horizons and check these talented guys out:
"Taking Back Sunday"
Tune, "Liar (It Takes One to Know One)" (This is a very cool video.)
Watch it here:LIAR

Cool Emo flavored, Quietdrive, "Rise from the Ashes"

Quietdrive is a little band from Minneapolis, MN a city that has seen artists such as the Replacements, Prince, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, and Atmosphere emerge. They have a new album out, produced by Epic Records, "When All That's Left Is You". You can hear more sampling of the CD on their myspace site. Described as, "a fast paced record of sumptuous pop hooks, raw rock thrills and beautifully warm, open-hearted melodies about faith, hope and love. Against a musical backdrop that draws as much from Elton John and Nirvana as from Zeppelin and Matthew Sweet, Quietdrive tackles politics of the heart, sifting through the wreckage of old relationships and holding out hope for the one that got away."

The singer doesn't possess the best vocals, but as a whole unit the band works. I like their sound. The boys have a couple of really promising tunes, with "Rise from the Ashes" my favorite.

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