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Monday, November 19, 2007

Crazy Little Things Called Fans

I had no idea that becoming interested in Taylor Hicks, could lead to such drama, borderline insanity and absurdity. As background, it was the fifth season of the reality show, American Idol and a soft-spoken shy appearing, attractive gray-haired man was introduced to we, the viewers. Taylor Hicks certainly was the Unlikely Idol; I being the sucker I am for the underdog, had to research what I could on the guy. I mean, with Taylor's older appearance, gray hair, his style of dress, he looked more like one of the other contestant's Dads, but man, I liked his singing, his selection of songs. Taylor Hicks presented a refreshing change from the Pop Tart norm featured on the show. I decided to chronicle what happened week to week with him and see what might develop.

It's crazy, what's happening now,in a small sector of the Taylor Hicks' internet fan world.

At the present, there has arisen a conflict between two fan sites, The Caroline Lyders Fan Club, and a site known as MFOYA. The battle reminding me somewhat of activities seen at recent basketball games and on soccer fields - the publicized fights and brawls; difference in the fan world of the web where great physical distance can occur the fighting is most usually limited to the written word.

The chief reason behind the controversy and the now becoming messy cyber fan war is MFOYA's questioning of some photographs taken of Taylor Hicks and one of his love interests. A new twist to this situation, denizens of the Caroline Lyders Fan Club are venturing out and targeting the folks who post and frequent MFOYA. It's pitiable almost, the level of fanaticism being witnessed by the members of this on-line group. I feel for the lady whose name appears in their title, sullied by the chicanery parlayed by this site's members. If I were she, my attorneys would be talking to the site's owners. You see, there are no conversations praising Ms. Lyders, this site is not about her. This site's only focus aimed at the on-line persona and presence who goes by the name, MFOYA - and now anyone who visits that site. On the Caroline Lyders Fan Club, MFOYA is referenced often as simply 'ass', but the true asses are those individulas perpetuating this farce, the constituents of this inappropriately named website.

In seeking to find the definition of 'fan' I turned to the on-line dictionery:

fa·nat·ic (fə-năt'ĭk) pronunciation n.- A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause. An obsessive enthusiasm for a pastime or hobby. The level of involvement or interest one has in the liking of a particular person, group, trend, artwork or idea. See also enthusiasm. Intense enjoyment, interest or approval. adj. Fanatical.

Fanaticism has been described as an "excessive intolerance of opposing views."
I think fanaticism, actually, is the new language of social capital. If you speak the language of the fanatics, you’re given entry into their sort of secret society. In this case, this ridiculous cyber war involving Taylor Hicks, the only acceptable language toward Taylor is blind acceptance; if you think outside that box you are open for harassment. This conflict doesn't even involve whether you are a fan of his or not, it concerns discussing topics a certain group considers Taboo.

Back to school; the basics of the word itself. Interestingly 'fanatic' made its English language debut in the first half of the 16th c. and meant an insane person. Derived from the Latin fanum, meaning temple, and is a reference to the sometimes over-the-top orgiastic rites practiced in pagan Rome. Its sense of extreme zealousness first appeared in the mid-17th c. Reading further about the term, the Latin root fanum is also related to the Latin festus which gives us our words feast and festival. (Not to be confused with Jerry Seinfeld's "Festivus.")

Here's a phrase I found relevant, "If you pick a truth and follow it blindly. It becomes a falsehood, and you a fanatic." — Unknown.

This is where I first heard his music: WBHM


  1. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I'll admit I don't know all the details, but this internet fanbase war you guys are having is silly. Please stop before it gets even uglier. Please leave Taylor's personal life alone. It really is nobody's business.

  2. I'm not a 'you guys' having a 'war'. I'm simply reporting the situation. I have been hauled into the mix by the Caroline Lyders "fan club". I hope she steps up and tells them to drop using her name. That's what's outrageous.

  3. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Sunny, why does it bother you so much? If you hate it so much, then ignore it. At least it's not a hateful and hurtful blog, out to destroy people's lives and if you don't think this has not hurt Taylor, then you are very, very wrong!

  4. You are wrong, the CL Fan Club is a hateful blog. There's nothing remotely positive on it all they do is talk MFOYA and now anyone who dares go there. Only reason I can tell for their aggression towards folks on MFOYA is attempts at manipulation, intimidation.

    Regarding hurt Taylor, that site is doing Caroline Lyders no favors by using her name. She's getting pummeled the most, in my opinion.
    Have you seen how their members are going to the chat room on MFOYA and copying conversations to put on SPLASH? Now how is that good? How is that positive? They are worse freaks than the site they claim is hurting Mr. Hicks.

    I feel badly for Caroline in all this.

    Thanks for your contribution.

  5. When the CL fan site first popped up my first thought was "Oh, no they didn't" But sure enough they did. I went there to see what it was all about and it seems they were "apologizing" to CL for all the hate. I suggested they might want to rethink that name, because it was just going to call more attention and embarrassment to her and of course to Taylor. I would be interested to know who suggested that name. Now I see CLs name showing up in my Google alerts daily. She must be thrilled.

    I posted there from time to time , tried to straighen out the misquided lady who is sure CLs' ex is MFOYA. That was hopeless.
    One day I go into their chat , said something that made them think I would tell them who MFOYA was and suddenly it was like I was in a old movie. I'm on the stool, light in my eyes, surrounded by cigar smoking detectives peppering me with questions. And the head inquisitor, why it was Gray Charles himself who suddenly and out of the blue had shown up as imprecisioncheck. Seems hes at the beck and call of the ladies at CL fan site. That was the day before his one day blog.
    Personally,in spite of as much fun as MFOYA was before it went public I wish this would end. It can't be too good for Taylor for his fans to look like idiots and he is the one I care most about in the whole mess.
    We have had fun chatting the last few days at MFOYA without hardly a mention of CL. Not to many care anymore.

  6. hicksfan77:30 PM

    R-U the same "Sunny" that posted on MFOYA? if so, then you are continuing with the "such drama, borderline insanity and absurdity" that you seem to be criticizing right here on your own blog.

    what's up with that?

  7. hicksfan79:24 PM

    I understood the motive behind setting up the CL site was so that something else besides MFOYA would come up on googling her...

    what happened to my last comment? never showed up.

  8. Thank you for your contribution, and as we've talked you and I agree on more than we don't. I find you an honest soul.

    This information needed to come out to help to end this controversy on the who and why behind the noise. I think this will provide a great deal of closure on this situation.

    You have been an angel in this entire ordeal, always concerned for Taylor.

    I've been doing my research too, creating some controversy to shake up and over turn the rocks to see what's underneath them who pops up - and I always came up with the same answer.

    No, it's not poor Aaron Ruffcorn, and really everyone need lay off of Caroline Lyders. Reasons for much of this controversy can be found to have roots in one who was an original Hicks' blogger.

    I think MFOYA is great place to hang out too, there is more, much more to that place than the CL Fan Club would have anyone believe. The really bad hombres running herd in this stupid situation, the ones using poor Caroline Lyder's name in vain for their website - and their pal.

  9. hicksfan7 I am always Sunny and yes I am a MFOYA poster. I have clarified how I feel about that many times though.

    No, to argue with you I am not perpetuating anything I am reporting and providing an opinion. There's a difference. Nothing fictional here darling. Did you listen to the music? "Crazy" by Seal. Pay attn to the lyrics they are profound.

  10. I'm behind in moderating, "Chuck" and "Heroes" were on tonight and I love those show, esp. "Chuck". I can't leave comments open w/o moderation, I get some really nasty commentaries sometimes and spam. Hate spam.

    I do thank you for participating and contributing to this story.

  11. Anonymous5:13 AM

    reporting?? You have got to be kidding. You are so entrenched in the drama, please don't give journalists a bad name by calling it reporting.

  12. re·port (rĭ-pôrt' -pōrt') Pronunciation Key

    1. An account presented usually in detail.
    2. A formal account of the proceedings or transactions of a group.
    3. Law A published collection of authoritative accounts of court cases or of judicial decisions. Often used in the plural.
    4. Common talk; rumor or gossip: According to report, they eloped.

  13. Anonymous4:21 PM

    MFOYA is focused on whatever they are doing, swatting away gnats as they pummel forward. The gnats would be the Gray Charles', the gnats would be the minions over at the poorly named CL Fan Site.

    The war IMO, is a one way war between CL Fan Site towards MFOYA. Doesn't seem like MFOYA is playing. That must be frustrating for them.

  14. THAT is an excellent point. You don't find MFOYA posting copy/paste material off of the CL chat or off their blog. Only site reveling in that behavior, the CL Fan Club.

    MFOYA is taking a higher road, that's certain. Unlike what the CL Fan Club has said about the MFOYA site, Taylor Hicks is not bashed, or provided bad reviews, or torn apart - he has a lot of fans on that site. CL Fan Club just can't stand discussions over matters they don't approve. They are the Hicks Fan Nazis. LOL

  15. Anonymous1:18 PM

    The thing is.......... Taylor and Caroline broke up about six weeks ago, so this is truly beating a dead horse. The conversation isn't even timely OR relevant any longer. They've both moved on - but MFOYA really can't because they would have no other object of Taylor's desire to criticize.

    So whose head is in the sand now? I'd venture to say MFOYA's.

    Perhaps they can dig up some more dirt on Gray and refocus their venom - that was always an entertaining read!

  16. I'm leaning with you on the CL and Hick's situation. I never really cared about who he dates anyway. I was intrigued with speculation of a hidden/secret/motive but that's about it. I'm intrigued with the individual behind MFOYA; interesting all by themselves.

    I think it is possible that MFOYA is just warming up regarding their investigative interests in the lives of the folks in the Hicks' perimeter. GC a hot button. Thing is MFOYA won't stop until they are ready to end it - most likely coming to a definite conclusion.

    Point in fact, the fan base situation and on-line buzz a story within a story.

  17. Anonymous11:48 PM

    That anonymous at 11:18AM is obviously Gray himself. How amusing...

  18. Anonymous11:58 PM

    "Taylor and Caroline broke up 6 weeks ago". MFOYA says they never even went out. Isn't that the whole point of MFOYA? That she's not the woman on the beach? So if she's not the woman on the beach how would they have broken up? The MFOYA site isn't about taylor's romantic life its about the hoax he took part in. I think that's pretty obvious. IMO MFOYA isn't going to stop obviously till the truth is out and everyone knows it.