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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Taylor Hicks Has a New Nazi Sheriff in Town

Taylor Hicks must be proud to know there exists this little wordpress site currently operating with the monniker Caroline Lyders Fan Club. A rather misleading name since their sole (not soul) purpose in life and living is to target with a fierceness not seen since Nazi Germany versus the Jewish populace, the persons and inhabitants of the MFOYA fan site. Regarding Caroline Lyders Fan Club, not much really goes on concerning Miss Lyders.

It seems the rule of the wacky "websters" is to uphold conformity to the degree and extent that common sense and curiosity are not allowed. Deviating from their degree of reality lands the perceived violator relentlessly verbally and senselessly berated. As in Nazi land, too, variance of ideas, actions and thoughts are not allowed in the world of this little cyber camp. We must all march to the same drummer or face the wrath of their very own "Oz".

I mean, suspend logic and reason and let's not forget reading ability, because these have not one iota of meaning in this site. Participants seem to thrive only to spew hate and malice. They targeted me as the Cowardly Lion in their simple analogy of The Wizard of Oz. I then find in their brave example they have since removed that little descriptor. Yes, who is the Cowardly Lion now?
"Jeremy" Pearl Jam

"Clearly I remember pickin on the boy
Seemed a harmless little fuck
Ooh, but we unleashed a lion

You people in New York and other states don't understand - you don't call a Texan a Coward unless it is True. This site crossed that line. In my case, I may have tons of faults, but Coward, not one of them. I'm normally a peaceable individual unless you cross that line; that line has been obliterated. Got it?

This circumstance a testament to the degrading despair running rampant within the Taylor Hicks fan base. This particular site is nothing more than a bloody sad little humorless nasty and ignorant little spot on the cybermap with Goal One to say they are there for Hicks, yet do nothing but run the reputation and solidarity down. Soul Patrol? I doubt it, more like Sole Asshole Patrol.

So much for the holiday season - if you're in the mood to spread some Christmas Cheer and Thankful feelings for the season stop by and give The Caroline Lyders Fan Club a shout out for all the Love, Respect and Gracious Example they show the world.

Chill, really, you are a saint. Go pluck that Angel from the mall Angel tree and think of me.

I may be a lot of things negative but I am never Cowardly. Ever. I'll kick your sorry ass for saying so. Heads up chica. SIEG HEIL.



  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    You're comparing inconsequential blog sites to the Nazis and Jews? You're giving Texans a bad name.

  2. Hardly darlin' it's a strident and strong metaphor regarding thought and idea control. Being descended from Ashkenazi Jews who fled Nazi Germany, I can refer to the analogy freely. Go try and spew your nonsense elsewhere.

  3. Brave soul 'anonymous' you do what metaphors and analogies are, right?

  4. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Stop all this nonsense! All of you have crossed the line. You are all guilty as charged. And for what? This all comes down to who is the good fan and who is the bad fan? Who gives a shit?

  5. It's not a question of good vs bad fans silly, it's a question of censorship and idiocy. Apparently you give a shit or you'd not commented. Come now, you know the score.

  6. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Sunny, you're writing what I've been thinking for a while. Before, there was only MFOYA, and either you read it or you didn't and if you had a healthy relationship in fan world it didn't cause a serious emotional response. It was basically like "who cares." Then this Caroline Lyders Fan Site appears. I don't give a crap if what MFOYA says is true or not, it doesn't make a difference to me, but somehow since the CL Fan Site appeared MFOYA seems like the good guy. Because the spew and the vitriol on the CL site is not even comparable to the traditional "making fun" that MFOYA started off with.

    People can read whatever the hell they want, and post wherever the hell they want. Who the hell is anyone to tell them not to? It is a free country. But this CL site is now targeting innocent people who read MFOYA? I have only seen MFOYA target one fan. And that was by reposting a post they posted on the MFOYA site. Not stealing it from another and reposting it. It was a mirror I assume, somehow I find that different. It was someone loud and obnoxious wanting to be heard so MFOYA let them be heard I guess.

    But what they are doing over at the CL site is atrocious and it is an embarrassment for Taylor Hicks. If these are his "true supporters" over at that CL site, God help him. Just read their posts. They have no idea what kind of damage they are causing and frankly it has nothing to do with MFOYA. And worse of all, they are not even funny. There is not blogging talent to back all this drama. Nothing. Wasted internet space. They have accused one of my friends, Loni of being behind MFOYA. WTF is wrong with these people? Loni was very anti-mfoya from day one and even made a call to Taylor's attorney! CL site is a bunch of GC supporters and it seems that once again that pathetic man has caused another riff in this fan base. Like I said, I am not even concerned with MFOYA, but somehow MFOYA is looking good.

  7. Your comments on MFOYA are one of the reasons I continued my relationship with MFOYA. MFOYA could be funny and snarky but side step the stupidity found on the CL Fan site. I too don't readily believe what I read there but it's a descent place to hang out.

    I made the mistake of trying to to be fair. I went to CL, tried to get along with them, but each time they treated me nastily. It was water off a duck's back though, and did not bother me.

    The post I saw last night had myself, votem and a few others ridiculed and assigned stupid roles in the Wizard of Oz analogy. What rankled me is the fact that the site posters were saying stupid comments based on their own reality not actual reality. I hate to be judged without merit. Too the site was not allowing rebuttals - well not until I got mad. They happily posted that material because that type of discourse is all they understand.

    I hope GC is not behind that site, that would be disappointing; at one time I held him in high regard.

  8. hicksfan76:24 PM

    Anonymous - wow - holy crap - this "Loni" ACTUALLY CALLED Tay's attorney?? WTF?? is she like a personal friend or relative of Taylors? That is VERY presumptious move to make unless you are actually tight with the attorney's client.

    I am in shock. That's a lotta effin' moxie on her part.

  9. Like Moxie is a bad thing.

  10. hicksfan75:27 AM

    when it is entirely inappropriate and none of one's business it sure is.

  11. Reading your comments once again hicksfan7 I can't understand you. You claim on-line to be a firm Taylor Hicks' supporter, yet you deride Loni from notifying Taylor's attorney? I imagine Loni's motives to inform - seeking out the attorney the way to handle this situation.

    Some don't understand the meaning of protection whether it is their family or a celebrity. Don't be such a biased hillbilly.