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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Taylor Hicks' News: MFOYA Goes Nationwide

MFOYA Goes Wide. Nationwide. The Taylor Hicks 'alternate' news blog, and site of controversy is rumored to soon be enveloped with national exposure and attention.

The on-line presence known as MFOYA has shown some mad skills in creating controversy and uproar within the fan world of Taylor Hicks. Uproar stemming from their bulldogged coverage of a few photos that hit the Splash news site some time ago and the identity theories of the woman or women in question. Regarding the truth behind the theories, that has yet to be proven, yet surely this persona knows how to garner the attention.

Conversely while discussions on the site have had at the focus, the reality behind a romance that Taylor Hicks has been involved with this site has also, in part created some interest and exposure for Hicks. That adage, any publicity is good publicity surely proven in this situation, but unfortunately strife and division may be being knifed through the group of avid Taylor Hicks enthusiasts. I have witnessed this and felt the stings first hand by my association with this individual.

Personally, I don't understand the circumstance or the why or rationale regarding the doppleganger bait and switch story swirling around the blondes involved within this story. Perhaps the only one who could clarify this situation would be Taylor or his spokes person, who ever that may be. The main consensus being that MFOYA whose identity is being held in confidence, seems to have hit a a big nerve and holds a rather intriguing storyline. I've been impressed with the intelligence and savvy of this individual.

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