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Friday, November 23, 2007

Chris Daughtry, "Sunday Bloody Sunday" Bloody Good

I've not been a Chris Daughtry enthusiast, never could put my finger on the reasons for that because I love rock music. His "Going Home" song getting tons of radio exposure doesn't capture my attention, I find it boring.

In this case, possibly it's the U2 song he performs that attracted my interest. I have worshipped loved Bono U2 since I found them in the '80's. I admit watching Chris increased my appreciation for the fact he can sing. The drummer in the band is really good, check out the boys as they rock out this tune on Yahoo Music "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Scroll down to the video link on the site and hit it.
U2 "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

U2, Bono are passion in action in their promotions, efforts to pass the awareness hat concerning Aids, Third World debt relief and the issues plaguing Africa; Humanitarian Efforts.

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