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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Get in the Zone, the Taylor f. Hicks Zone!

Taylor Hicks fans, put down that glass of Kool Aid, I've found a new Taylor Hicks discussion website to visit that has put me in mind of the early days of the great Gray Charles site. I felt reinvigorated reading the subjects and commentary posted on this blazingly direct and honest site. It put me in mind of how Gray Charles' site was in the beginning, an intelligently done place to visit, sans the Kool Aid. Yes,put that glass down!

Man, reading this new site reminded me of good days past, in the early days of A.I.5, and the GrayHaired Dude, a.k.a. GHD. As a reminder to those of us who were around then, this was GHD's logo: GHD carried a rocking jukebox that later bought out by one of the Taylor Hicks' fan forums. Anyone who might not remember GrayHaired Dude, perhaps the handle, 'wiseguy' may ring a bell.

This new site bravely dares to question topics such does Taylor Hicks truly still possess any real songwriting abilities? Is the man really still happy about the Soul Patrol? Modern Whomp - What is that?

One fun topic began with: "This is something that has weighed on my mind for a while now. I’ve hesitated to mention it for fear of a drive-by Soul Patrol shooting."

Man, I had to laugh when I read that thinking of the many times I have inadvertently pissed off Taylor Hicks fans by simply stating an honest opinion. I've been pretty much shunned for writing much less than this blog-writer brings up, I gotta say, I am loving this person.

Regarding this new, seemingly true blue honest site, tfhzone.com, I'm seeing some names I once enjoyed reading on Gray Charles. Good topics, decent comments and conversations. One of my favorite comments, "Let’s just hope he doesn’t have to don a sequined jumpsuit and cape to get people to notice him in the future." That's absolute gold. Read more at tfhzone.com.

Homepage: tfhzone.com. Check them out if you haven't. If you do, let them know what you think, they can take it. Man, I'm glad I found them. Put the Kool Aide down now folks. Time to be real and get your true groove back.


  1. Dorothy Snarker1:28 PM

    I just discovered the TFHzone and I love it. I've made several comments to some posts already. It's rather comforting to find a place where people can discuss Taylor in an honest and open way without being drowned out by the Screaming Mimis from the Soul Patrol

  2. Californication2:05 PM

    Sunny, you rock! And so does the tfhzone!

    I never knew this blog was here. And OMG, is that MAGNI I see below? I big, puffy, glitter-heart drool all over Magni!

    I missed Rockstar this year. I thought it was a much better show than AI. It was like AI for grownups. I mean, how cool was Storm Large?

    I loved Magni's version of Plush. I'm so excited to see it again. I'm gonna go watch it about 10 times in a row!

    See ya at the Zone.

  3. Sunny! Thanks for the kind words. I really did this for myself, only it's really gotten around!

    I have an entrepreneurial spirit, and I saw a need and I filled it. I just never knew how big that need was.

    I'm still chuckling about Jazz leaving her number so we can call her back. You're a nut!

  4. Dorothy Snark, I love the site too, missed a rational discussion forum after the demise of the original Gray Charles. tfhzone.com has a fun attitude.

    Yes, Cali that is Gorgeous Magni. I loved and adored him on Rock Star, still love and adore the man. *gushing* I was completely disgusted with the turn of events in which T. Lee ousted him from his spot on the tour, although Dilana took him along as one of her musicians. Last year was really a great show although it was apparent almost from the start that Tommy Lee had already decided in his mind who he wanted in the band. OF course, album sales and reviews have proven him wrong.

    Stormy was one of my favorites, man, her original song performance was amazing. I still check on her over on myspace. Dilana is cutting an album - she's working with Mick Mars among others. I loved her version of "Zombie", that was fierce. I practically lived on that website during last season.

    tfhzone, I love your site, it is a much needed Taylor Hicks fan forum. I saw on statcounter quite a few hits here from various SP forums, but I haven't ever really joined any of them but TOSP. Stopped going there after one too many irrational folks bombarded me with complete weirdness. Anyway apparently they are talking about your site and checking those of us out who might be joining in the discussions.

    See you in the Zone.