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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Idol Blues; Checking in with a True Music Genius

How about some 'jive' with your java, laying out the "Cosmic Debris"

I almost had my camera equipment confiscated at his concert in Dallas, Texas. I believe the year was 1982. Seeing Frank live was an absolute dream of a lifetime for me, adrenalin pumping I had left my seat and went right up the center aisle, to the front of the stage, Fujica firing. Security detail came over, and I had to accompany them to the side of the stage. In my best adaptation of a Swedish accent, I pretended to speak little English. (My Mother's side is Swedish, I spent many an hour sitting with relatives so faking a passable accent wasn't a stretch.) Some guy came over to me and the security guard, I figured I was going to be taken out of the building, but instead wound up perched on a side level to the stage. I spent over an hour within 30 to 40 feet of Frank Zappa, almost orgasmic experience. No Crew Slut experience for me, nor did I get to do anything to have a Zappa song written in my name but I had one hell of a seat. I'll see later about transferring those photos to digital format for this blog.

"Whipping Post" (tie me up baby)

One of the most intelligent people to have walked the planet.

Under the "Crossfire":

Words, the mighty weapon. I miss this man.

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