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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Apolitical Blues and Thinking about George, Lowell George that is...

After starting my day with political ruminations and thoughts of politicians past, present, and future I found myself mentally staring with startling alacrity, yet horror at those individuals currently struggling for that highest office in the land. I sat and considered with an almost growing alarm how "Negligent Nagin" was reelected in N'Orleans after he so brazenly dropped the ball on his people whilst fox-like tried cunningly to shift blame to the Federal Government and his State Governor. Once again providing fuel to the tired cliche, the masses are asses". Thus thinking, I decided to let my Little Feat wander.
I'm leaning Apolitical lately:

This video depicts my late great darling, Lowell in one of his more, shall we say pharmacological exploratory times. Languorous days passed in a cloud of fuzzy psilocybinotic haze delivered periods of great music, good times and lost days hours.

On a lighter side of Little Feat; "Fat Man in the Bathtub". Yeah, how many times, Georgie, "draw me a line..."?:

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