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Monday, September 03, 2007

Taylor Hicks at the House of Blues, Dallas, Texas: Videos

Taylor Hicks performing "Heart and Soul" videos from HOB Dallas, Texas.

The "Right Place":

These videos, taken by georgeegrunt. Kudos on the good quality; there is little shake, good sound and definition. Thanks for generously sharing that Taylor Hicks love and support. (I'm leery of taking my camera to any indoor concerts after having security at one show confiscate my equipment, I never got it back. An expensive lesson learned.)

Taylor put on a good show, he was in good voice, was his dancing, energetic self. Damn fine band with the man. I was surprised at his guitar playing, he's incorporating it more and more in the shows and you can tell he's been working that instrument.


  1. Anonymous3:56 AM

    Great review located at:


  2. I'd read the interview on another site. I thought the best part of the material posted at the link, which I wouldn't classify as "Great", was the mention of the drummer who is indeed a real talent.

    Too much space in comparison to the length of the piece was devoted to describing the merchandise and the observation that it "flew off the merchandise table". Concentration should have been more on the reason for the concert, the music. Most of the space devoted to the music is rather generic with the mention the songs had a beginning, a middle and an end. The Grateful Dead aside, that's the way most songs are intended.

    This brief story contained more parenthetical comments than required when whose topics would have worked better had they been actually talked about. Writer should perhaps have run "editor" (software available on-line) over the page, especially if they are the editor. No offense intended, simply an observation.

    Thanks for the link. I enjoyed hearing "The Fall" when I opened home page. I'd like to see Mr. Hicks do more tunes like this on tour than what's being performed currently. His voice is lovely.