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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Magni Asgierrson: New Tunes Hitting US

My recent update from Magni has him letting me(well all fans who subscribe to the man, but I'll just go with 'me' - sounds more special) know his self titled solo album "Magni" will be available in all digital shops in US on October 2nd. He says this late date is due to the fact that he and his team want to do "this" right.

He says. "I´m extremely pleased this is finally happening and I just hope that 'you guys' can wait a few more days/weeks. He lets me know that on the Icelandic front - his album is number 1, that's for a second week in a row and so is the single."

Man, I'm glad to hear it, I miss this guy's great voice and positive artistic endeavors in music. He's a great 'find' and "Gorgeous" to boot.

Glad he finally got his laid back Icelandic ass in gear and is getting this music out!
Here's my "Gorgeous" in one of his Rock Star videos: (this is a special request I suggested to him on his Rock Star blog during the show)

This is why he's one of my "Heroes":

This is some "Plush"

Time for Magni: "Clocks":

My "Starman":
First time I saw Magni do this tune I was "meh" but man, it grows on you.
He's Not "Alone":

Lastly, my Gorgeous Man is no "Creep":

Damn this is one sexy man.

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