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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush Tour Again!

Need more Taylor Hicks news? Want to hear what Taylor Hicks has been up to this week?

Well, not today, instead let's talk "Guitar Gods".

Frank Marino, one of the World's Greatest Gifts to Guitar (and one of the world's most underrated, humble and plain nice guy) has begun announcing new tour dates and once again he's returning to Big D and the lovely Granada Theater. Great place for a concert and Frank and Co. rocked the house last year.
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20 Sep 2007 Chicago, Il. - Martyr’s
21 Sep 2007 Milwaukee, Wi. - Potawatomi Casino
29 Sep 2007 Santa Ana, Ca. - Galaxy Theater
30 Sep 2007 Agoura Hills, Ca. - Canyon Club
1 Oct 2007 Solana Beach, Ca. - Belly Up Tavern
7 Oct 2007 Dallas, Tx. - Granada Theater (!!!!)
12 Oct 2007 Annapolis, Md. - Ram’s Head (show 1)
13 Oct 2007 Annapolis, Md. - Ram’s Head (show 2)
The Youtube video from Dallas last year did not turn out that well so I'll post some I found that were much better:
"Red House" one of my favorite blues tunes:

Anyone fortunate enough to see Frank live will never forget the experience. If you like live music by a truly gifted musician, his show is one for the books.

My introduction to electric guitar really began when I was employed at a small independent record shop called "Hot Rocks". Benefits of this job were free music, and best of all, free tickets to local shows usually with backstage passes. I began listening in the store to all types of music and developed an affinity for old blues such as John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Blind Lemon, Billie Holiday. That morphed into an appreciation of the electric take on some of the old blues tunes as featured by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, two favorites, as well as another truly underestimated rock god, Robin Trower. This video is a more recent Youtube entry "Bridge of Sighs" - I love this tune, performed during 1980:

At the time, sadly many of my friends were going gaga for disco, a genre that while after a few drinks - yes I was trooping in and out of clubs at the tender age of 17. (Back "in the day" if you were a good looking gal the folks at the door looked the other way and let you in...) anyway disco could be tolerated, but I never liked it. I sometimes went along for the ride, to hang with my pals, who in turn I made go to concerts with me to see the likes of Frank Marino in hopes of converting and expanding their musical tastes.

For those who watched this rather dismal past season of American Idol, remember Lulu? She was one of my favorites featured on the show, click this link. Jeff Beck shows his rather mellow side, then you have Beck at the North Sea Jazz festival:

that's some kinetic guitar.

Here's a good Sunday morning tune, BB King, Clapton, Jeff Beck and others, "Sweet Little Angel". Ah yes.

Groove on.


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Tony Iommi, Robin Trower,Frank Marino that's my kinda music.Great blog. Jeff

  2. I'm looking forward to the show in October, enjoyed last year's too!