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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jaydee Bixby, Canadian Idol's Elviscerator

It's not only 'make believe' that tow headed Jaydee
finds himself in the Top 4 on Canadian Idol. He may be from the "Dinosaur Capitol of the World" but there's nothing evident in these videos that indicate the boy will soon reach 'extinction' on the show.

Uploaded by JeanneDupuis

He may very well "Runaway" with the C.I. title this year.

Uploaded by JeanneDupuis

(thanks to Jeanne from Idolstalker)
This kid does successfully what American Idol's John Stevens attempted, he truly epitomizes that "blast from the past" vibe.
Follow this to Idolstalker and latest King vibe from Jaydee.

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