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Monday, August 13, 2007

Paolo Nutini, Brand New Blue-eyed Soul from Scotland

Paolo Nutini, a 20 year old kid from Scotland, looks to be making a move towards the US of A being hailed by some as the new aspiring offering from Great Britain set to invade our shores.
The boy loves some "New Shoes"

He gets "Crazy"

Paolo gives music video a try:
"Jenny Don't be Hasty"

From Amazon.co.uk
19-year old Scottish singer/songwriter Paolo Nutini sounds older than his years on his debut album, These Streets. It's not just his careworn, smooth-as-sandpaper voice, either (although, admittedly, it does help). It's more to do with the maturity of the lyrics, and the casual soulfulness of his delivery. "Last Request" is more the work of a vintage Motown singer than a teenager from Paisley, and it's to Nutini's credit that he carries it off with aplomb. And rather like the soul singers of previous generations, he manages to sing without a hint of hypocrisy about his own sexual exploits ("Jenny Don't Be Hasty") while also questioning his girlfriend's fidelity ("Alloway Grove"). It's the fact that he's so frank, and even a little bit naive, that he manages to get away with it. And though the stripped-down tunes on These Streets don't always immediately grab the listener (the title track, in particular), the songs where Nutini is accompanied by a full band often manage to evoke sunny-day American soul ("New Shoes", for example). This is a strong debut, and considering Paolo Nutini's tender years, bigger things can be expected of him in the future. --Ted Kord Editorial review

I like the boy's vocals, his natural feel for the music. Catch him touring with Amy Winehouse this Fall.

AMENDMENT - Perhaps he will not be touring with Winehouse, she's apparently trotting down the common path of self-destruction and spending some downtime in rehab. Drugs, the anti-career.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(thanks to Rory)

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