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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Taylor Takes Time to Hug Special Boys

The Herald News of Joliet, Illinois ran a touching story written by staff writer, Catherine Ann Velasco. Two boys, Joshua Good, 12, and his autistic brother, Jonah, who thought they were going to dinner as a treat; Jonah was scheduled for surgery, his 12th procedure to correct cranial facial hypoplasia. The parents intended this to be a treat for big brother Joshua, who often has had to take a back seat to the needs of his younger brother. Ms. Velasco describes the encounter to have gone like this:

Taylor greeted Joshua with, "Hi buddy, what's going on?"

After giving the boys high fives, Hicks signed the boys' CD and Joshua's cast.

"That was awesome," Joshua said.

"He gave him a hug. He gave him a high five," Jennifer said. "It's nice for someone to take the time out. It's very nice."

As he watched Jonah bounce away in delight, Hicks said he was glad to help keep him happy.

"I think the mind is a very powerful thing," Hicks said. "You never know how it can affect the outcome. Any kind of positive energy you can apply ... the better. I'm just a conductor."

Undoubtedly the boy's parents were grateful for the kindness and consideration Taylor extended the boys. This is one of the most important aspects of celebrity, the power to give something touching and special to your fans. It's a small gesture, but can carry very big, positive ramifications.

Nice going, Soulman. Groove on.

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