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Friday, April 27, 2007

Sanjaya on Jimmy Kimmel Video

Sanjaya Malakar on Jimmy Kimmel video. I had been reading that many folks not happy with the 'vibe' of this interview, but frankly I am not 'feeling' any awkwardness. Granted, Sanjaya was not sure how to respond to the 'gay' question but hey, he's 17. A good response would have been, "I've been reading questions regarding my sexuality everywhere so thought I'd breech this topic".

(courtesy of eric82oslo - Nice video Eric!)

I can relate to not having a snappy one-liner always at the ready, I do much better with the written word, where I can take a moment to think... In open conversation, words sometimes evade me and my A.D.D. kicks in and conversation can turn into a train wreck.

As an example, I was talking about my trip to Belize to my neighbor - relaying some of the most amazing sites, the ruins we saw, the great food, and our adventurous riverboat cruise; I felt like a jungle explorer. We saw manatees, monkeys and crocodiles... next thing I know I'm on a rant about that guy I had to walk up to and confront about speeding through my kid's school zone.

You see this smuck came zooming through, like he usually does, he takes this route often, and it's obvious he's in a wildass hurry to get to work. This time he has to actually stop at the stop sign, the crossing guard out in the intersection. Normally he lucks out and slides through the stop. I take his license plate down on my hand - I carry a pen clipped to my shirt for those random moments I think about something to write down - anyway I knock on his car window, tell him I was sick of his disregard for the kids, and told him in the future, coming through the school zone he was going to slow down. He swore at me, called me a 'hussy' (what?). Some of the mommies nearby, and the crossing guard in the intersection applauded me. I took a bow. Since then, when he comes through, he's going below the 20 mph. hah! Go me!

Altuna, ruins we visited in Belize.


  1. I don't know if you caught the People Magazine article on Sanjaya. They too dealt with the Gay thing. Sanjaya basicallly said that he'd been raised by women so was very comfortable with girls....It was other people who read in his being gay from that fact.

  2. Yeah, I read that too. Anything Sanjaya and I'm there, keeping an eye on my boy. Man, the deal with Momjaya what's going on with her over at Brandon's par-tay - lack of judgement doesn't even fit. Sheesh. My boy needs new management.