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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sanjaya Mobbed by Fans on Good Day + Ratings Drop on Idol

Wow, watching this skinny kid in his t-shirt, handling the crowd with his sweet humility confirmed everything I saw and still see in him. He's one fabulous kid and all the folks who lambasted him so brutally are that much lower in the humanity chain. This boy has such a good heart and so much soul. His Mother must be so proud.

Sanjaya - One of the most beautiful men in America?
Poll at ABC NEWS Folks just can't quit talking about Sanjaya.

Ratings for Tuesday night's Idol Gives Back extravaganza are down, Toni Fitzgerald writes in an article in MediaLife Magazine, "The reality singing show fell to its lowest Tuesday rating of the season last night, a 9.6 Nielsen overnight among adults 18-49, as the contestants and a huge array of celebrity guests appealed to viewers to pledge money for numerous American and African charities."

Of course this number still tops the night in number of viewers but experts think that ratings for next week without the perk of the special guest stars featured this week, the ratings will continue to fall. Perhaps AI6 needed Sanjaya much more than they realized.