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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sanjaya Malakar and Hannah Montana?

Apparently with the studios for American Idol and Dancing with the Stars in close proximity, Billy Ray, ever the sweetheart has extended an invitation to Sanjaya to appear with Hannah Montana on one of the future episodes. Access Hollywood's blogger, on "Dish of Salt" reports:

Sanjaya may already have his first acting gig on Disney's HANNAH MONTANA. Since AMERICAN IDOL shares studio space with DANCING WITH THE STARS run-ins between contestants and celebrity dancers are inevitable. This week Billy Ray Cyrus met up with Sanjaya, "Yeah we were talking last night. I was practicing a little camp work out there in the back and getting ready for my thing and Sanjaya came out of the studio. I said hey man. I said how you doing? Congratulations on all your success and he came over and shook my hand and said hey you're Billy Ray Cyrus man. My family loves you man. We love Hannah Montana and I said well you need to come up and be a guest on Hannah Montana."

I can hear the screams of millions of little girls now. The powers that be at the Disney Channel would have to agree. Sanjaya is up for it according to Billy Ray, "He said I'd love to man, I'd love to. He said where you filming at? I said just up the street you know and he said tell them to write me in, I'll be there. I'm gonna go tell them Mr. Sanjaya said he would be glad to come on the show and I think it would be really cool for him and Miley to hook up. I just want him to sport that porcupine deal man. "

A dream come true for many in the tweenie crowd - I know my daughter would absolutely come unglued to see her favorite show and personal Idol, Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana sing with Sanjaya. Disney, if wise should scoop him up eventually, he'll do them proud.

The Little Engine That Could continues to climb that mountain.


  1. My Goodness... our dear Sanjaya has arrived! Disney has given him attention now? Wow! that's really a great feat. More Power Sanjy:-)


  2. ACtually, Disney Network might be an ideal place for him. Though I thought he was genuinely good last week. In fact, I thought he was the best of the 8 performers.

  3. I thought so too. I knew the boy had it in him all along. Crossing my fingers for this week.

  4. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Sanjaya is perfect for Disney because he is a real ethical clean cut all American guy.Sure hope they get Sanjaya into something big,he is fantastic.