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Friday, April 06, 2007

Another Writer is Sanjaya-ed

Brendan Butler of CB Music writes a letter to Sanjaya mirroring what I've been saying all along.
    A popularity contest is not something won on merit alone, and a popularity contest is all American Idol is. This not about who is the best or most affluent singer--it’s about who we happen to like best at a specific moment in time. And you, my perpetual hair-alternating friend, are just that. You are an inspiring, Zen individual who is consistently being burned and told you’re not good enough week in and week out by elitist judges. But guess what, you keep coming back to prove the dream-killers wrong, simply by being yourself.

He finishes the story with:
    I know I will be casting my first-ever votes next week for what I once thought an irrelevant zeitgeist, and I’m voting for you because you’ve inspired me to do so. I know there are some out there who wish to vote for you for less noble reasons, but their motives are just as skewed as the judges you face. I will get as many people as I can behind you so we can bring the title, signed, sealed and delivered to you. Sanjaya, you truly are an American Idol.

This show is not just about the singing folks; there are many great singers in the world but few entertainers that grab you by the heart and inspire your mind.

On this season's American Idol, Sanjaya is the only contestant managing to do just that. Certainly he has many detractors, but I believe most of that stems from the 'normals' out there, the folks with a limited skein of imagination and inability to accept the unique and different.

Regarding Sanjaya's singing abilities, while it may be true that he's a work in progress - charisma, soul and natural appeal cannot be developed, those constitute the X-Factor, and this kid's got it.

Click this LINK to see Sanjaya's reaction to his performance on Idol.


  1. I have to say that there's something that makes people watch Sanjaya when he performs.
    Very few people can do that. One big difference between Sanjaya and William Hung and Kevin Covais was that their "joke" wore out reasonably quickly. That hasn't been the case with Sanjaya, there's the hair, the outfit, how he'll approach the song, and there's the even more fascinating fact that there's just enough there that you keep thinking one week he'll just sing really really well suddenly.

  2. I'm holding on to that very hope Chance. LOL. Regardless I still love this boy.