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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sanjaya - no it's not Sayonara

Today, according to The Times of India, Pop tart Britney Spears became a fan of Sanjaya's while spending time during her luxury re-hab stint. She reportedly began watching Idol and thinks that it may be a good move to record with him, may help in her now efforts to revive her dwindling career. Star Magazine is apparently scheduled to have an article out about this in the upcoming week's issue. (But, seriously how credible is the Star really?) This posting on the site, The Gossip Girls, Britney Spears and Sanjaya Malakar: Duets Remix brings up the story as well, complete with pictures of Spears doing what she does best.

To recap some of the interviews he's done so far - recap of the interview with host J.D. Roberto:

What was he thinking when he was in the bottom 3?
“I knew that I was going home. I kinda felt like I was going home when I first saw the show, ’cause…I don’t know…my name means ’spiritual psychic’ so I guess I’m a little bit psychic…when I was next to Blake and Lakisha I knew that I was going home, ’cause they’re amazing.”
Sanjaya says the hardest part of being eliminated was leaving everyone
“We had become a family…and it was like not being able to see them until the finale.”
About the ‘Life is Beautiful’ shirt he wore Wednesday night
“I wanted to wear this [the shirt] next week, but I felt that I probably should wear it this week just in case…”
What did Sanjaya think was his best week?
“My strongest week was definitely Latin week, ’cause…(audience breaks out into applause)…”
Was the facial hair he wore Latin night real? “It was real, but it was a little bit enhanced, because I’ve never…I’ve been kind of lazy, so I haven’t ever really shaved…so it hasn’t ever grown in fully…because I am 17…but they had to touch it up a little bit…just a little bit…but there was stuff to work with, so…”
How did he stay positive in the face of all the negative press?
“I read both the positive and the negative, because I know that if I do, it’ll keep me balanced and I won’t get too hot-headed by reading all the good stuff and I won’t get too, like broken down by reading all the negative stuff…I just read it all, I guess…and then it keeps me grounded and it keeps me able to focus on who I am, and staying who I am.”
How did Sanjaya deal with Simon Cowell’s negative remarks?
“I take Simon’s criticisms as more him knowing that I had more potential and me kind of letting him down, ’cause I felt like the very first audition, he saw potential in me, and then when I didn’t live up to that he was disappointed.”
What was it like to receive Simon’s “praise”–he said it, “wasn’t horrible”– during Latin week?
“It was very…relieving…and it kind of put a weight off my shoulders for that week. I felt like I was safe for that week. And I was.”
Has he gotten really close to some of the other Idols?
“We’re a family, Jordin’s like my sister [about hugging her] that was definitely a “siblingly” hug…we’re in it for so long, and we are basically the people that we see every day and…to all of a sudden be torn away from that is like, being torn away from your family.”
How did his style evolve?
“I think I kind of found myself, because when I first came in I was just a normal 17 year old and I don’t think any 17 year old really knows who they are…’cause that’s the time where they learn. And so this opportunity made it so that I was able to learn faster and faster ’cause now I get to start my career ’cause it’s over…the show, not my career (laughter) …I was just able to find myself and I think that showed in my style and…I am quirky like Jordin said, so that showed in my hair, I guess.”
What was his favorite week style-wise?
“When I sang ‘Bathwater’ of course, with the ponyhawk. That was me in a nutshell.”
How does he stay so poised at 17?
“Very good family. My family has been the most supportive people…I don’t know how they do it…”

From MTV:
Why does Sanjaya think he was voted off this week?
“Honestly, I’m not a country singer. I think that that really took a toll on me, and I didn’t have enough really strong performances to have people forgive me for that. For example, LaKisha, she’s not necessarily a country singer either, but she had enough really strong performances to get her through, and I don’t think I did. I think that might have been what got me this week. But I [leave the show with] an amazing amount of education that I never would have gotten anywhere else.”

Well said Sanjaya. He's just now steppin' out...

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  1. Did you see the item that he wants to try acting and modelling as well?
    I hope he does well at whatever he takes on. He came across as very likeable and I suspect that was what started it all for him on the show. That stayed true through country week.