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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Something to Talk About, and Dave on Dave

Simon Cowell grimaces his way through Chris Richardson's tribute to the Virginia Tech tradgedy.

...and then there's Sanjaya, with red bandana truly giving us something to talk about...

Certainly not as good as last week, but re-watching it today, Sanjaya wasn't that terrible. In fact he was better than Chris Richardson and Blake both. It was absolutely brilliant on Ryan's part to bait Simon by taking up for Sanjaya. Touching too, as Simon was completely vicious in his critique of Sanjaya.

Assessing all the contestants last night PhilPheratu Stacy performed very well, as did Jordin and Melinda. Jordin got her first real pimpage to win the show from Cowell last night - it is that time of the season for Simon to begin his 'push' to get his choice in prime winning position.

LaKisha, Blake and Chris Richardson were all three pretty bad. Simon's completely over Chris finally pointing out the obvious, the boy's got a nasally voice.

Dial Idol has my boy in last place, but they have been wrong pretty much all season, so I hope he stays on past this debacle. I remember last season's country week was Taylor Hicks worst performance of the season, he sang John Denver's "Country Roads", and it was an abysmal performance.

B3 tonight most likely should be Sanjaya, Richardson and LaKisha. Shocker to go home this week I'd go with Richardson. Producers should keep baby-Momma on for the special show next week, and Sanjaya keeps this season's ratings up. After last night's performance if he stays, the ratings should blow through the roof next week.

Speaking of saving Sanjaya, Dave Della Terza steps out in the Big Apple, visits Howard Stern's radio studio and then tops off the trip to Dave Letterman.
Dave on Dave.



  1. I thought Chris should have gone. I think the show is a lot less interesting without Sanjaya.

    The fascinating thing to me about eyeroll gate was that the obvious thing to me was never mentioned. Simon was taken aback because Chris's dedication came off as a really tasteless ploy for votes.

  2. I thought so too, he was much worse performance wise than Sanjaya. Granted the kid screwed up this week pulling a goof instead of delivering another Besame Mucho.

    Wednesday night took the cake with Slimon trying to come up with excuses for the eyeroll. I understood it like you did, he rolled his eyes at the inappropriate timing of Richardson's VT speech. I can't stand that Timberfake kid.