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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Taylor Hicks: The One That You Want?

That is how that song in "Grease" goes, right? Taylor Hicks ends his Summer of fun on the Great White Way, supposedly hanging up that spangled suit and gray pompadour wig - or is he? Stephen Buntrock is slated to resume the role of Teen Angel in New York, but is this the last of the harmonica playing Angel Taylor Hicks created for the show? From what I have heard in the Rumor Mill, Mr. Hicks may be headed out West. If that word holds any Truth, I may be able to see him in that Ice Cream Cone yet, but is that the best route for him to take?

Granted the 1800's brought many intrepid pioneers venturing West in search of fame and fortune. But should Taylor Hicks follow suit, would this bring him The real Deal or would he come out of it with a bucket of Pyrite? Remember, all that glitters is not Gold.

Reports this Summer said Taylor Hicks was bringing in an average of $150,000.00 a week over the previous average weekly draws. Taylor Hicks gave the role his own slant and brought a new and fun definition to the minor role. He expanded the minor part to a rollicking celebration; his Teen Angel emerged from the Plastic Ice Cream Cone with a different kind of harp and apparently toward the end, some cowbell - he knows how some folks love that cowbell...

Of course this is just rumored speculation and blog-talk but should Taylor be presented with this venture as a reality would or should he take it? Where does the art begin and where does it end? For that matter what is the definition of 'art' in the vocabulary Mr. Hicks operates? In the words of one of those well-known gossip rag-mags, "Enquiring" minds want to know.

Neil Young "After the Gold Rush"

video c/o randalcraig
"Fool's Gold" Amy Winehouse

video c/o goldtoof1188


  1. jerseyirish2:18 PM

    Sunny, Been reading a long time, first time posting. I agree with you that Grease was a brilliant career move on Taylor's part. He got his name back out there, positive press, had fun and made money. I think what people fail to realize that this is Taylor's journey through life not ours. It is his life choices what he does or doesn't do. If he does choose to join the show in Calif I say great for the West coast to have him there. We as fans are just that people who enjoy his work and follow his career moves, when he does tour again and he is my area I will be there, until then I will enjoy what Taylor does.

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I think the rumor of Taylor going out West to tour Grease is just a rumor. I doubt he wants to do that.

    But, something tells me Taylor has not signed with a label yet and I have a feeling the labels are not all that interested in him. These are tough times for the record labels and taking a chance on someone who appeals mostly to the older generation(who are mostly AI fans), which is known for not buying music, is a big chance to take.

    I wish him luck, whatever happens to him, but his fans need to realize how tough and cut-thoat the music business really is. An AI, being dropped from a major label, usually spells disaster - hard to recover from that. Like all business - it's about the bottom line - something most of his fans have failed to grasp.

  3. It's a rough business, competition is overwhelming. Artists have to compete for fans and that exposure...Mr Hicks has not been cultivating those fans like he should be and should have done. It's showing. Now you'll get those one or two passionate fans who say, 'he owes us nothing'. They're right. That said, regular folks owe him nothing either. It is a harsh reality. I feel for him.

  4. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Man, don't talk like that Sunny. I really wish you wouldn't. Remember what I said to you once about that Fat Lady singing?

  5. Sunny, check your e-mail again!

  6. I was out until late last night yesterday - just checked the email and your site YAY!!! Go you!!! hahaha you can keep a secret gal! I was so happy it was you who won that contest - although I wasn't even aware there was one! ha. You did really well, he sounds like a nice guy. I'm going to put it up on this site, you know for the Taylor Hicks posterity on IDOL BLUES.

    (hugs) talk to you later, I have meetings today. All day. agh.