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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Life as a Waffle

Taylor Hicks' fan boards see rarely a dull moment. I have found one site that began as a quiet space for the blogger's reflections with a few comments here and there. It was nice to visit see what sort of topic they were covering, and interestingly how they were covering it. Now it's growing into one of the best internet spaces where a variety of Taylor Hicks' fans have gathered to 'discuss' anything from Taylor Hicks to somebody's attachment for attorneys. Reminds me of those African documentaries where you see lions sipping from the watering hole with gazelles and hippos.

Then there's another site that rolled from another. They even partially adopted the name of the site they came from, but unfortunately are nothing like the original. The blogger is mad, then glad. They're staying in the Taylor Hicks' fan base. They're leaving the fan base. They care. They don't care anymore. Its entertaining watching the flip-flopping and waffling but sometimes the speed from "Go" to "No" is baffling. Is it for the attention? Is it for ... what? I have no idea. Are they hoping Taylor Hicks will contact them and beg them to stay? Now that's amusing.

"Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

Life as a waffle must be a sticky conundrum.


  1. hwy66gal6:28 AM

    I like mine with strawberry syrup.

  2. I load on bananas and whipped cream. Hey guess who was talking about you in a chat? Check your box.

  3. janna_in_bama12:46 PM

    Sun, guess who, or should I say 'what' is saying you're a waffle. I think they're confused. You have never threatened to leave Tay over lack of follow through, although you have said when you were confused over it. You always speak out against not liking something instead of lying about it. I like you for that reason. The folks being dramatic one day want him, the next are dropping him like stinky socks. Theres a big difference.

  4. Hi, y'all. Thanks for the emails but I expected as much. I'm not going to win Miss Popularity this Month am I? boo-hoo. I must be drunk, or crazy or off my meds to dare speak my mind. Shame on me.

    Regarding waffles, I like those big thick ones like the State Fair has - it's starting up this weekend. Goody.

  5. jerseyirish3:41 PM

    Sunny, Everyone is entitled to their opinion it is how that opinion is expressed. I have always found you to be honest in your opinion have never felt offended the way you present yourself. May not always agree but have never gone from here thinking that was wrong. Can't say the same for other places, where I will not leave a comment as I know I will be ripped apart for my opinion.

    Take care. I like my waffles with ice cream in between.

  6. Thank you JI. Went and read BL's latest blog. Going to go back later when I've more time and done some research and respond.
    Good to see you here.

  7. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Sunny, who is BL's blog?

  8. jerseyirish4:26 PM

    Sunny, Thanks for the welcome. We have been going back and forth at BL's place, its pretty interesting reading.

    Take care.

  9. JI, she's really a sweet lady. She means what she says, doesn't just blow through the type fonts. lol I'm very glad she showed how very different she is from some of the others. We all get caught up in the bullshit from time to time. ha.

    anonymous, email me, I'll send you the link regarding BL. My email contact is in my profile.

  10. I'm still dealing with Hurricane issues (Internet is sometimes out) so I haven't been here in a while. I have a lot of catching up to do!

    You all go on with your discussion and I'll be back.