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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Taylor Hicks and Bill Will, the Three-D Spongebob and Patrick?

Taylor Hicks and his relationship with friend, gofer, assistant and sidekick have been talked about at length in the fan forums. A certain fan and former moderator of a once popular site even wrote some humorous slash fiction about the two from what I understand. (Never read it myself, just second-hand information.)

In reality as Taylor Hicks would tell anyone interested, what they have is simply a close and trusting relationship. From what I understand, these two guys have been close friends for a very long while. Today while perusing the righthickssave.com site, I wandered into the thread featuring this dynamic duo, with focus on their long-time closeness. I mean they are like true best friends, swapping shirts and hats like close girlfriends will do. I have this one friend, every time she'd come over she raided my closet. Sadly, though much of what she'd take I never saw again. (Like my awesome purple skiing outfit.)

Talk about having someone's back - Bill Will has that covered for Taylor in several shots in that section. As you can see, by scrolling down that page, the two guys are very close. Arm in arm close.

One of the commentors, SegerHicks, pointed out the resemblance of the friendship being comparable to say, Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick. That, one of the funniest comparisons on the page. I get that!

There's always room for a bit of mistaken meanings in words, pictures and the definition of closeness. Take this short clip from a show all about "Friends":

It's all a matter of interpretation and where your mind might be in the sexuality arena, perhaps. Now before anyone gets the wrong idea, I think with Taylor Hicks' lifestyle, likely it's reassuring to have someone close enough to swap shirts and hats, and importantly, to trust. Nothing says trust like somebody there to hold your flashlight.


  1. hwy66gal11:25 AM

    Sunbuns you're such a fool! Bwhahahaha!

  2. Hey! I resemble that remark! Great to catch you posting while I'm on too for a change.

    Hey word out that a certain silver haired soulman might be making some sort of an appearance soon - perhaps he's going 'mobile'?

  3. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Another mistake made - Taylor should have surrounded himself with professionals in the business, not friends needing jobs. I'll go on to say this friendship is odd, to say the least. Obviously, I don't know, but I can understand some might be suspicious and all and you add "Broadway actor" to the mix. Well, I'll leave it at that.

  4. jerseyirish12:06 PM

    Sunny, I know what you mean about friends that borrow and never bring back. My brother and his buddy have been friends for 55 of their 58 years. When I see Taylor and Bill and the bond between them I always think of my brother and his buddy. Nothing has ever come betwwen them, they have been through the highs and lows of life together.
    It is a true friendship like I believe Taylor and Bill have.

    Hope you enjoyed your day yesterday. Did you get your chocolate cake?

    Taylor going mobil, not sure what that is but good for him.


  5. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Sunny, just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! I think it was yesterday, right? Hope you had a good one!

  6. Nothing wrong with having people around you that you trust. I don't think you need a professional to hold a flashlight.

    Tell us more about this supposed appearance somewhere? What's the scoop?

  7. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Sunny, "Nothing says trust like somebody there to hold your flashlight" You naughty girl..

  8. Anonymous9:28 PM

    This is funny. Yah, they are pretty close. Taylor and Bill just came back from an island vacation and now they're on vacation again. Last year they took a couple island trips too. Guess they don't get sick of each other. I like your blog.

  9. Wow, massive interest in the Bill Will/Taylor Hicks daring duo. Who knew? lolz

    Muchas Gracias to all for stopping by my little piece of the internet.

  10. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Please someone tell me if this going Mobile reference means he might be showing up in Mobile? Please tell me if this is the this is the case I missed him at Auburn I don't want to miss him again. Is he coming to Bayfest? With Delbert Mcclinton? I'll provide my email if necessary.

  11. All I can say is it is a possibility. Man, go anyway, Delbert McClinton enough of a draw. If Hicks' is smart, he'll show up and contribute. That's all I'll add...

  12. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Speaking of Delbert McClinton.. Don Imus has a new album out with Delbert and Levon Helms. I haven't bought it yet, but the little I have heard sounds good! All monies after taxes goes to the Imus Ranch Kid with Cancer. Little Richard is also on the album..


  13. I couldn't believe it when I found out Levon Helm had a new album out! You know he was really sick for a while with some kind of throat cancer from what I understand. Ol' guy bounced back and cranked out some more tunes. That's just too cool.