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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A-Caryling with an Angel (Teen Angel)

Blogger friend and Taylor Hicks' long-time fan, Caryl, won the 'Talk to Taylor Hicks' contest featured on the Taylor Hicks' Headquarters Site. She did a brilliant job, kept it real and made it sound so easy.

I liked the directions of her questions, the intelligence she demonstrated; the conversation flowed like one old friend catching up with another. Nice job. (She also proved she can hold a secret! ha.) I'm probably one of the last to know about this, but just in case someone missed it, here's a link to
Caryl Gets Her Interview!

"Hello My Old Friend" ELO

video c/o rayflute
This tune recorded in 1983 for inclusion on the album Secret Messages, (shout out to you Caryl!) which was originally intended as a double album. The song saw eventual release in 1990 on the USA-only box set Afterglow.


  1. Thanks for that email 'heads up' caryl, just sorry I was out and did not get to read my msgs sooner. Congrats gal!

  2. Thanks, sunny. I appreciate your comments in this blog entry. I'm glad I made it look easy. I'm a seriously shy person, so I don't know who that girl was on the phone with Taylor! I'm glad she showed up instead of my usual socially-inept personality. LOL! When I hung up the phone, I said out loud, "Oh. My. God."

  3. Hahaha! I did not have much time this morning so kept it short (the entry). Socially-inept go I sometimes, too. I understand. ha.

  4. Hope Taylor doesn't mind that I shared our convo, but I thought it would be good for all of us to hear some of the things he said. (And, of course, I realize he didn't share any secrets.)