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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taylor Hicks Corralling that Muse?

Taylor Hicks leaves The Great White Way, off for a little R & R and then he's studio bound according to his latest messages. Hicks might be free, but does he have the music .... in him?

According to the man, he's been busy writing, lassoing and corralling that Muse; hints that she may have been tinged on the Country side. He'd spent some time in Nashville, and - likely hanging back there again on and off again to pick up some more vibes.

Granted it is football season and those college games some fun. I will miss visiting Alabama this year, we spent four years with that gorgeous University as a second home base. Loved hanging out in President Witt's box to watch the game. We'll still keep up with the Tide via our television, but just not the same as walking that campus and being in the stadium live with all that crimson and white. Taylor surely will catch some games and take some time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, BBQ, beer and football.

Of course, we support our Dallas Cowboys - pulling for T.O. and the gang to be hungry for that Super Bowl ring - I'll keep the popcorn warm and flowing this season. (We do have that new stadium opening next year...)

Meanwhile between the Auburn and Alabama games and whoever Taylor Hicks supports in the NFL, here's to hoping that Muse has some pull of her own and corrals him into that studio.

Taylor Hicks, saddle up, man.

"Cowboy" Kid Rock


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    sunny I only have minute to post but I wanted to say I wish you are well as Ike approaches and that you and your family are safe during the storm.
    Be well. peace.


  2. Thank you, Brite. You're the only one who's even thought about it - we're getting prepped, and should be okay. Man, I've lived through three tornadoes, one an F4 so this hurricane should be okay.

    I'm so glad we made peace. Made me feel so good to read your message.

    Thank you, Bright, you help ease my sardonic skeptical and sarcastic view of humanity and put it in a more positive place. I know you believe in what you say. Not many folks these days actually do.

    Thanks, Chica. ((Hugs))

  3. Hey, I stopped that too soon. Bright, remember when you wrote for me to find that silver lining? I was going to post on your site, but had not yet, that you - Yes, YOU are one of the silver linings.

    Out of all of that bullshit with MFOYA and the GF site and all that - what we had in common was the forgiveness part. I'm all about it, and I was so happy to see you were not like the rest and you thought the same way.

    OK my friends will make fun of me but that's okay, I want you to know we're "good". I think of you as a friend. I guess that rambling made it pretty clear. lol Man, you made my night just giving a shit about how I might be doing here in Texas. ***

  4. Did you know I live in Texas, too, Sunny? Unfortunately, I'm down here, south of Houston. We're prepared, hunkering down...

    Stay safe yourself, sunny.

  5. shit Caryl, I had not looked at your time in entries until now - wow gal you are in for a hell of a ride. I thought you were the one from - let's say Houston - but man I did not really focus on that. Are you leaving the area? You know by the time it hits land if it is a Cat4 You might see a Cat 3 or 2. Shit.

  6. Thanks Caryl for checking in - man get to high ground.

  7. Anonymous12:28 AM

    Hey Girls, Our hearts and prayers are with ya'll down there. (I'm from S.A.) Let us know how you are as this monster progresses---if you can.
    Hugs, Dinah/Linn

  8. Thanks Dinah, we will...

  9. They told our area on the news to stay put. When Rita was on it's way last year (last year? maybe it was the year before. Can't think right now), the traffic was so bad that people actually ran out of gas on the highways!

    We were told that we should leave the roadways clear for the people on the coast who have to evacuate.

    We've done everything we can. I'm sure we're going to lose power, so you may not hear from me right away, but I'll let everyone know how we fared as soon as I can.

  10. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Sunny, I hope you're safe, as well! Living up North, we don't have to deal with that, but we get dangerous winter weather, when driving is actually a scary experience.

    I thought Taylor was going to record in NYC? I thought I read that somewhere? Well, maybe it didn't work out and he was actually more busy than he thought he would be. But whatever! Hope it all works out for him and he has some amazing songs lined up.

    I have a question for you. You seem like an intelligent person, but why do you hang out at those AWFUL trollish blogs that are full of stupidity? If nobody posts there, they might eventually go away. I do admit I read them on occasion, but would NEVER post there - not in a million years - I would NEVER feed those trolls.

  11. Who knows where he's planning to record, I had read someplace yesterday that he was perhaps going to Nashville for a 'visit'.

    Regarding the trolls, you are referring to those darlings, CBB and Jeanni, esme, chill and the gang. Basically I like 'Asses. I know a lot of you guys don't but I do, she's not quite like them and has a quirky sense of humor. Jeanni's just all kinds of fun when she blows up and she obviously hates me hahahahaha! Regarding 'reasonably intelligent', thanks, but that can be debatable sometimes. lol

    I was in a mood to talk to them last night. Wasn't henry8 cute? (sarcasm) I love how she gets so fascinated anytime MFOYA's name is mentioned? Can you stand it, she asked for a phone contact to talk to that guy I was talking about. hahahahaha Like I'd give her one.

    My favorite of the group is that 15 Minutes. I can picture her, as MFOYA said once to me, "...that IP traces back to the dark basement of her little house - where her, her computer and all her dead animal carcasses and formaldehyde filled jars do their thing."

    Looks like Ike might swing to the East, hope caryl is okay, they're going to be feeling it pretty hard soon if they're not already.

  12. That whole Rita mess was ridiculous. You are likely better off staying put. We're slightly overcast today, but no rain until tonight. Putting up the outdoor furniture from the front and back yards.

    Looks like it may swing East once it hits so we may not get it too badly if that happens. The surge is what is amazing with this storm.

    Take care.

  13. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Sunny, they are all odd, but Henry, 15 Minutes and the two sisters are so out there, it's actually frighting and sad. It's obvious they live their lives on the internet and I doubt they are true fans, because if they were, they would stop with the nonsense and making TH fans look bad. One can only hope that one day they will get bored and go away!

  14. henry83:33 PM

    Well of course I'm cute, always have been. LOL
    I mentioned phone number in a joking way and then you offered.
    I don't really believe it exists so no problem.
    And yes, I will admit to being somewhat fasinated by the weirdness of MF. I'm always into trying to figure out what makes some people tick. But the whole online experience just gets more boring by the day.
    And are you sure that person was talking about chill and crew or another spot? Not so positive about that because I think I know who that was. LOL
    Anyway, I figured you were far enough inland not to be in any real danger. But then there are always the tornados. So you never know. Watch out.
    So much rain and water here today , you would think we were in the path. Crap.

  15. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Sunny, can you post this, since Asses would not let me go thru. Thx!

    esmarelda, you can’t possibly be that dumb?! Of course, Jeanne and CBB are trolls and all the fan boards knows this. Why do you think they’ve been banned from everywhere? It’s all an act, sweetie. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can possibly be that over-the-top. The only way to get rid of them is to not respond to their nonsense. Hopefully, they will eventually both get bored and move on to someone else whose career they hope to ruin.

  16. Anonymous2:00 AM

    I think the orphans site is pathetic but I think the GF site is just as pathetic. The sob story at the orphans site is boring already, I want to smack them and say get over it! But at least they whine on their part of the net and don't bother with others. What I don't understand is why the GF site people can't stop talking about them? It makes them look so ridiculous to be so concerned. Maybe Henry can answer that. That crew deserves to be bitch slapped just for being so catty. Also the GF's seem very delusional. I hope no one important ever sees either of the blogs. Both are really embarrassing to his fan base and to Taylor. IMHO, both blogs seem like leper colonies. The GF's are just more hateful. Their behavior is honestly fanatical.

    Sunny, I don't understand why you want to post on any of those blogs but I do understand why you enjoyed the MFOYA site. I've had discussions with friends about this, some hated that site because of the topic but still religiously read every single post. We all agree it's because when it came to brains the MFOYA site won. Who can disagree with that? Even the posters seemed intelligent. That made for a stimulating read. I believe it was because MFOYA was a very smart person. They had the same effect that Gray did where people would post on their best behavior, afraid to say something stupid in fear of being made fun of. It worked to create a more intelligent discussion. Where did those people go anyway? I don't think they are posting on orphans. The orphans seem so dumb to me.

    I am curious about MFOYA too and why they did it. I really think it's because people dared them and that was motivation to continue, as if to prove a point.

    I am a Hicks fan, but I don't think they lied about the fake gf stuff. I don't think anyone who was paying close attention would think they were lying either. There was too much proof against him and too many inconsistent stories told by his camp. Too much. I'm more curious to know how Taylor could be so flipping stupid.

  17. "I hope no one important ever sees either of the blogs."

    As far as anyone 'important' really anyone who has followed Taylor including Taylor is aware of those blogs.

    "Sunny, I don't understand why you want to post on any of those blogs but I do understand why you enjoyed the MFOYA site."

    I post on them because I can. I usually don't agree with much and so Morphs and the GF site don't include me in their 'inner circle'. I really don't think Morph likes me much and I know the GF site absolutely hates me. ha. I happen to actually like 'Asses which I know most of you do not. She's a quirkie lass. I like quirkie.

    Regarding MFOYA, they were one of the most intelligent groups to hit the internet world of Hicks. I started posting there out of pure rubber necking curiosity. Motivation to start the controversy was purely speculation from one of them. Continuing the story partly because on one hand so many folks were losing their mind over the controversy - that entertained them - secondly one of them with some mad detective skills discovered the speculation may not just be that. They followed through with bloodhound tenacity. Now not because they were a jilted fan, in fact they were not a fan, rather because they were just built that way, to 'sniff' out the Truth. lol

    The whole MFOYA situation actually taught me a few things; one being truth can really be stranger than fiction, the other how closely the derivative "fan" ties with the meaning of the origination.

    You know I'm a fan of the man too, that was one reason I argued with MFOYA until the end (in private) about that whole Tale of Two Women. Of course, MFOYA was wanting me to go on just faith and start publishing that I was in agreement there were two women. It was just so fantastical, I couldn't do it. They never told me they were roping in Lois Gibson either, which was cunning. That was MFOYA's KO punch in my books.

    Interesting a few from Hicks' camp emailed me and posted on here as well as MFOYA's. You know, to convince us he wasn't hauling out Lyders as a front.

    Speaking of books, one other reason I keep up with the folks on those sites, I'm writing a story using some of them as 'characters'. 15 Minutes will certainly be featured. lol

    The gals make nice sources with good definitions, I've got their personalities, dialogue type down from their posts. Of course the 'names' will be changed somewhat with the exception of 15 Minutes. That is just too special. 15 Minutes will naturally be a serial stalker with a very dark nature. *evil laughter*

    Hey, I know a lot of you cringe when you see me post over on the sites, but I have ulterior motives. That may be one of the reasons Morph excludes me from PW, she may realize I'm not in step with her thought processes or theories. I have nothing against her or how she approaches her take on Taylor, it's her opinion, her views that she believes. Too perhaps she erroneously thinks I'm a leak to 15 Minutes and others. MFOYA thought she was a few cards shy of a full deck.

    I don't take much of this seriously, I find the GF's entertaining with their obsession over anything MFOYA related. It makes me chuckle. *grins*

  18. hwy66gal5:15 PM

    I'm flat embarrassed to see you over there. Oh wait, I was there too. Had to take a long long shower afterwards tho-. Hey check your inbox!

  19. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Sunny, you are right that MFOYA thinks Morph has a screw loose. That's a well known fact. The only good thing about Morphs site is that it's an open discussion with no moderation. But man she is so depressing.

  20. Yeah, MFOYA said to me a few times that she (Morph) was just sometimes too much. I've noticed since Morph emailed me wanting specific info on 15 Minutes, that I gave her, since - we've not talked nor am I included in the 'inner circle'. ha. She really has no insides or connections to Hicks as she seemed to allude to initially, so she's not any different that anyone else blogging this circus.

  21. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Sunny, it doesn't help your reputation to be posting at the troll blogs, but I understand it if you're getting some laughs out of it. I've had some good laughs myself reading that stuff, but would never participate in that garbage. You just have to wonder how anybody can be THAT over-invested in someone and I believe it's all an act. Something tells me that Taylor, most likely, avoids those sites, at any cost, but I'm sure he is aware of them.

    I've noticed that Tappenga is now posting at those sites. I doubt she is a true fan - she is another troll and, most likely, a stalker. Didn't she cause a lot of trouble at that TMS site and also started a hate blog regarding MFOYA identity, which was incorrect? She sounds like she is full of venom - watch your back with that one. I kinda doubt she turned over a new leaf.

    Those sites have turned into a playground of trolls and rejects and you should seriously reconsider your participation in those sites. Again, if nobody posts, they might just go away.

  22. Anonymous1:20 PM

    I have been watching the news out of Texas and it looks pretty dismal for some folks who stayed behind despite government warnings. It would have been nice if there was actually enough fuel to go around so people could actually evacuate though. Gustav wasn't nearly as devestating as Ike, and as a person who is schooled in hurricane's from a textbook standpoint, I could see that Gustav was breaking up and an evacuation was not necessary. But Ike was tightening as she came across the Gulf, the eye was shrinking, which is never good, and I was fearful for everyone along the TX coastline. There are so many people stull trapped in their homes, God forbid they run out of water and food.
    I am not into having enemies, Sunny, no matter what has transpired. The fanbase doesn't need that, I don't seek that, and I think most people would agree that having friends is much better than enemies especially when times get tough and/or the chips are down. 911 reminded me of the plight of this country and how a cataclysmic event can bring people together. Do we need a tragedy such as that to find the peace and goodness in our souls? I certainly hope not. I know who I am and I know what I stand for, I make mistakes and falter ccasionally but the essential fabric i have has been woven over centuries come and gone, and it is that fabric which may be tested at times, but it never will tear.
    Thanks for the kind words.
    I am happy that you are safe.
    I don't know anyone in Texas really besides you, so when the storm was coming, you crossed my mind, naturally.
    let's pray for peace in our nation, and pray for continued repair to our national pride and financial integrity.
    Be well.

  23. "Sunny, it doesn't help your reputation to be posting at the troll blogs, but I understand it if you're getting some laughs out of it. I've had some good laughs myself reading that stuff, but would never participate in that garbage."

    I find them really entertaining - that has to be one of the most 'out there' clans of fans following any A.I. contestant. Regarding my reputation, I have no idea what that means in this on-line fan scene. If it means my standing, which reputation normally refers to in a social setting, in the world of Taylor HIcks that's silly. Shit, the day I posted at MFOYA that said 'reputation' went out the window.

    I mean what I am running for class president or something? Certainly not head cheerleader.

    I really don't know Tapp, never ran with the TMS crowd. She's funny at times, but yeah she was behind that site "The View" smacking at MFOYA. I really don't care what she does in her spare time as far as stalking. If she is stalking Mr. Hicks, she's not alone, why do you think he goes no place anymore without security? He can't, there are too many absolute nuts following him around.

    I appreciate your concerns and your input, but it is what it is.

  24. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Sunny, of course it hurts your rep. Who you hang with says a lot about you, but I understand you are basically playing with them and having some internet fun with some obviously nutty women(or are you playing with fire, lol).

    I still like your blog - one of the few intelligent TH blogs.

  25. Hey you,

    The only rep that's getting "hurt" is my on-line persona. ha. I still don't understand that concept of 'my reputation'. Someone enlighten me what that is exactly, I have no idea what folks in this fan group say regarding reputations, etc.

    I had a bad rep in high school one year - I had the most detentions of any girl my Freshman year. Scored 57. Had a teacher that just rubbed me the wrong way. lol

    Is that what we're discussing? I remember this one gal in high school that had the unfortunate last name of Macon. Seems she was rumored to like to mess around; the guys coined a term, "Making Bacon" in her dubious honor. All the girls would shun her because of her "reputation". I still talked to her as I thought most of those idiot guys were just talking big.

    Is it like that y'all? hahahaha.

    I love that some of you all are voicing concern for me and my 'rep' it's good to know you care about me.

    I care that so many of you guys tune into IDOL BLUES so regularly to hang out, read, listen to tunes and email me. Love that some of you feel like posting more as well.

    Muchas Gracias mi amigas.

  26. Anonymous12:49 AM

    I like your blog because I think you're fair and you call it how you see it. I like that a lot. You seem very realistic and also neutral in your viewpoints, so I come back. I understand why you post on those troll blogs sometimes, it can be entertaining to get into it with idiots. I like that you don't care what these people think anyway.

    I agree with the other Anon. Tappanga is a joke. She says one thing in public and says something very different in private. Now she's badmouthing TMS. Figures. That MFOYA outing blog was such a waste of time especially since she accused the wrong people and even worse the girl knew CL was a front the whole time. She didn't want Taylor's friends to know she believed in the "sham" so she played along that she didn't. That's also why she started her new site to show her "fake" support. WTF? She's as fake as they get.

  27. It was obvious Tapp was just fishing with that 'View' blog to try and find out the ID of MFOYA(s). Just think, to some of that group that hated MFOYA whoever actually 'outs' the folks behind the scenes might look like some kind of hero or something. hahahahaha. Man. *shakes my head*

    Like I said, I don't know her, (Tapp) just thought she made some funny comments on 'Asses' site.

    To the other poster who asked me Not to Post "This" Comment, thanks for the information. Those gals, they're always popping up with something different.