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Sunday, September 14, 2008

David Archuleta, Paul Anka's Pick

I read Saturday, in an edition of Parade magazine, David Archuleta is Paul Anka's pick to portray him in an upcoming Broadway production about his life. Archuleta would be a good pick for this role with his vocal stylings and his type of musical preferences. He also bears a resemblance to the young Mr. Anka.

Reading through some of the message boards this morning I was finding a mixed bag of opinions regarding this opportunity. It seems to be a general consensus - evidenced too when Taylor Hicks was offered the Teen Angel role in "Grease" - that doing Broadway is almost looked down upon, slant of the commentaries leaning toward it just not being a favorable venue. Why do so many folks seem to view those neon lights of Broadway in a negative light?

I find that interesting, many willing to post and write in response to this news appear to rather see young David out touring than taking on this role on Broadway. I mean, this is a production written and created by Paul Anka, a legend in the entertainment world, right? It is certainly a high compliment for David to be Paul Anka's selection for the role and likely an excellent opportunity.

Thinking back, what would my pre-adolescent years been like without Donny Osmond singing, "Puppy Love", a song written by Mr. Anka? I could imagine, young David following in Donny Osmond's steps and doing this tune. This video is sweet enough to hurt your teeth, love the little hairball at 2:17.
"Puppy Love" Paul Anka

I know there are many folks culturally cognizant who understand the importance of The Great White Way, who love and appreciate live performance art. Perhaps though, with the television and movie era we now have evolved into, Broadway is seen by many mainstream average Joe's and Josephina's as more of a tourist attraction activity when visiting The Big Apple, rather than a serious and demanding art form?
"On Broadway" George Benson - video starts a little watery but clears out.

video c/o nfsj99


  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    David Archuleta should stick with music right now. His single is getting more and more airplay on Top 40 and his audience is mostly made up of teen girls - just visit his myspace - it's pretty evident. Music is still a teen market - like it or not. That's where the money is and people need to realize, the music business is about the bottom line and always will be.

    Regarding your comments about Broadway, it's half and half. It's half NYC tourists (and that's how they make their money) and it's half smug theater affectionados.

  2. Anonymous5:58 PM

    I disagree that his audience is mosty made up of teen girls. They may be the ones that visit his myspace but not the only ones waiting for his new cd. Why couldn't he do both? I would imagine that he would tour when he has had more hits

  3. I agree with anonymous #2, he should wait to tour when he has more hits. Hell, he should do that album, get some tunes running the radio waves then think about touring.

    Broadway, in a role offered by Anka would be a stunning accomplishment and provide the young man with so much great exposure. I think Broadway is being so underrated these days in the media and entertainment world.

    One of the most demanding entertainment occupations is the live performance arts. Should David get a handle on that it will only help provide his career with some depth and perhaps longevity.

  4. Katheryn8:35 AM

    David Archuleta is actually a great fan of Broadway musicals. It was Les Miserables that sparked his early interest in music at the tender age of six! However, I agree that he should establish himself as a recording artist before he takes on Broadway. I worry too about the affect it would have on his voice. His stamina is impeded by the fact that he only has one functioning vocal chord. Broadway is known to take a toll on many a singer's voice.

  5. I get your point, but at this moment David wants to be a record artist... he had said that maybe in the future it will be interesting to see if Broadway is a path for him... he is a major fan of musicals so I´m sure that when he find out about this he will be really happy about it....

  6. It is true katheryn, with his vocal chord issue that it may be challenging situation for him. Live theater performances, night after night are more stressful on a performer than laymen might think.

  7. Anonymous1:18 PM

    That is exciting news. I would love to see Archuleta play Anka on Broadway. I loved Paul Anka as a teen growing up and I definitely am a hugh fan of Archuleta. What an opportunity for Archuleta. I would certainly make it a point to see him. I'd like to see Archuleta get more experience with his music, which is his first love, and then take on a more challenging project such as playing Anka in the future. What an honor, however, for Anka to even consider Archuleta for this role. Go Archie.

  8. cecile11:46 AM

    paul anka fan forever i cannot see anyone else playing role of paul anka except paul anka himself