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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wading Through Puddles of Muck

Wading through the puddles of muck with the Muck Ducks this week brought me no new insights, just the same old same old. Apparently some site featured them and boyfriends or spouses, started up while I was in San Francisco. I came across the site when cruising the net at a hotel stop. I had just chuckled over this situation and thought nothing more about it.

I don't remember the site's name, didn't stay long, just sort of hop skip and lookie loo and I was off to look up something else. Ridiculously the two women in question right away start rallying about crime, criminals and the illegal activity of posting other folks' identity on-line. Thing is, one of the forms of identity presented was in the form of a public website to advertise and promote a business. No harm in that, nor anything illegal since the gentleman with the site put it out to begin with.

Once 'someone' had passed information on their real life details to me, I don't still have it, as I had no need for their information. Too, whether accurate or not I have not a clue since I never pursued it to find out, did not really care if it was or not either.

The person who passed it on the same one who found out where on-line psycho who goes by 15 Minutes and 'reader' is located. Why did they provide me this information? Considering the harassment I had been being handed out by the parties in question they thought I might need to know it one day, for my safety or at least sense of well-being. Again, I will reiterate, I never investigated the accuracy of the information. Words of advice I would have given these two who are now loudly proclaiming how tragically they are treated and persecuted, would have been to ignore it, deny it and let it go. It's almost like these two sisters want this drama. hmmm.

That said, for some reason one of the parties in question likes to imagine I stalk her. This whole imaginary world this poor woman lives in must be very entertaining. Likely she was one of those kids in school who loved to instigate trouble then run and hide behind someone else pointing her finger in blame. I can very well and clearly picture her as one of the bully types I encountered in school, who misinterpreting my small stature as a weakness tried to intimidate me.

There was this gal who loved to have her group of pals gang up on one unsuspecting kid after another. Mostly they picked on the new kids, sometimes just the kids who they might envy for one reason or another.

For this story's sake, I'll call her Nancy. Nancy was talkative, outgoing, but very pushy and had to always be the leader of her 'pack' as I mentally referred to them. She took a dislike to me the moment she laid her eyes on me. As the weeks passed, she would do silly things like try and trip me, or she and her pack of mindless followers would stare at me in the cafeteria or outside in the break area. I came to her attention because I happened to be dating a guy she had coveted for quite a while, as I came to discover. We had this on-going situation in which she'd try and turn other girls against me with false gossip, or make a big deal out of small matters. One confrontation, she asked me in front of her girl pack, how did I feel now that I stole her boyfriend?

Mind you, I was new at this school and had no idea of my new dating partner nor his history with her. Obviously he wasn't as enamored of her as she thought. She made fun of how I dressed, I wore Bohemian type clothing, not the preppy look she and the other cheerleaders wore. Often I wore a long leather and feathered clip in my hair, that she declared as just 'weird'.

Our last meeting was more a match up of me letting her make an ass of herself, which she did quite well. She and her pals followed me in my car after school. I was on my way to my new friend, Mary's house. There were three cars full of girls. All wanting to beat my ass I supposed. I stopped, got out and headed for Mary's door with all of them excitedly piling out all around me, following me to the porch. Mary, who stood 4' 11" at the top of her head peeked out the window, I waved at her to stay inside. She did call John Law.

Nancy marched up with her girl pack of fools around her and grabbed my hairclip, ripping it out. She waved it triumphantly and shouted, "Now what are you going to do smartass?". I looked her in the eye, having to look upwards as she was taller and told her to hand back the hairclip. Of course her original comment was who's going to get it, you all by yourself? I said well at least I stood up for myself, not having to assemble 15 girls to help me out. Nancy was a brave girl when she had her posse to back her up. I also pointed out the idiocy of all of those girls following her lead, hell I did not even know any of them. That made a few with IQ's that hovered over 80 take pause and set back to think about it.

Nancy grabbed me around the head and started slapping me, shouting for the others to hold me. Now mind you she outweighed me by 50 pounds and was 5 inches taller than I. I started laughing and said, while having to smell her armpit, "Yeah, somebody come hold me!" I then wrapped a leg into her right leg and put all my weight into it, right behind her knee. She collapsed backwards, but I was still hostage in her armpit. Man, that wasn't a fun moment. When she went down her grip was lessened, and I managed to wrap a handful of hair around my arm and I pulled like I had a horse I was teaching to lead. All those days of working my horses made me stronger than I appeared. I hoped that I'd end up with a sizable amount of Nancy hair when I was finished. She let out a howl and started crying and let me out of her armpit.

I rode her to the ground with her hair twisting tighter. One of her little henchwomen grabbed me by the neck, another tried to release my grip on her hair. I wasn't letting go. Two others started kicking me in the back so I grabbed Nancy's hair harder and felt some rip - she then still bawling, hollered for them to help her up, a few grabbed her by the back trying to get my fingers and hand out of her hair.

John Law drove up about then. Naturally Nancy began her teary tirade how I attacked her. I had brutally pulled out her hair! I was stalking her and harassing her at school and now I was beating her up.

I had a busted lip, scratches on my arms, legs and face, my shirt was torn almost off. John Law asked me why I attacked her. I instructed him to ask who all these other girls were and why they were there and told him how they followed me. Mary came out of the house, she had shot some Polaroids from start to finish and showed John Law what really went down.

Seems, that Nancy was in violation of the local gang laws and this was borderline gang type activity. I prosecuted her and those other two girls, and they never bothered me again. After they were driven away, I looked down at my hand. Low and behold, as the officers departed with Nancy and two others in the squad car, I had something of Nancy ... and I still have it.

Dealing with some of these on-line creatures not so different than some of my real life encounters with the female sex. So many cats, so many claws, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Regarding stalking anyone, that's not my thing. I prefer not to fight, but when ganged up on and harassed I never run.

Here's to those on-line rabble rousers who like to point fingers and reassign guilt.
"Psycho" Puddles of Mud


  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Those sisters are a treat, aren't they?

    I think everyone is a little bored in Taylorland. The sisters are overly dramatic about nothing. The boogie boarders are sniping at each other.

    Taylor needs to do something tabloid worthy. Then maybe the SP will stop eating its own.

  2. Thing is they like to do the old piss and mark territory act. 'Asses has welcomed me to her site. It's not their site to piss and mark. lolz.

    Women can be such beyotches. That CBB is definitely missing half the nuts from her brain bolts - it's obvious. Lithium might be her answer. They are amusing though aren't they?