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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Morning Saying "Grace"

Erick Schrody also known as Everlast and Whitey Ford, developed a unique genre-crossing sound mixing hip-hop and acoustic-based rock music; his sound appeals to me on several levels. In the event you haven't heard of him, he won a Grammy for best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal with Latin rock musician Carlos Santana. They collaborated together for a tune called, "Put Your Lights On" featured in Santana's 1999 album Supernatural.
"There's a darkness,
living deep in my soul
Its still got a purpose to serve
So let your lights shine,
deep into my home
God don't let me lose my nerve,
don't let me lose my nerve..."

His vocals carry a subtle hint of Tom Waits married with something rich and molten, golden and fluid. He's not a singer in the sense that the man carries a great range, but he knows what he has and works it to his advantage. In honor of Sunday, I can't omit this tune while speaking of Tom Waits:
"Chocolate Jesus" Tom Waits

(Pure genius, and thanks to dwizle on the Youtube for capturing this golden moment on Letterman.)

Everlast, had been part of the group, House of Pain, of which I wasn't a fan. I love his work that followed that break-up - Schrody's soul and presence shine through.
"Lonely Road"

One basic thing that draws me to a singer, a performer, their ability to be fresh, innovative, and importantly be able to write a song. Singing covers is fine, if it's a great tune, but to call yourself a real artist in the music world, you have to be able to pick up that pen and write.

Schrody has such a passionate, brilliant way with words. Anyone who follows any type of rap music will attest it's all about the poetry, some are better poets than others. What I love about Schrody's brand of music, he's developed his own feel, a cross between that rap world, old soul and alternative rock. His exterior reads burly tough guy, but this man, who's just recently hit that 40-year mark shows through his writing, especially over the past decade, he's got a rich soul with intense, internal, spiritual chops.

Everlast found his portion of commercial success, not because he's striven to be commercial, but he has a knack for targeting the emotional mark that speaks when you listen to him. His music is currently the featured opening song for TNT's "Saving Grace".

"One time around the sun
another year older and my work ain't done
it's time for me to write the final chapter

Deal the cards and roll the dice
sex drugs and rock'n roll are my only vice
tryin' to figure out just what's here after."

"Saving Grace" Everlast

"What It's Like" LYRICS

Everlast's not been abstinent in the rifts that plague some of the mainstream rap artists and about a decade ago, a feud erupted between he and Eminem. It turned out to be likely a misinterpretation of lyrics written by Schrody that Eminem took offense to - the feud then took off in earnest with both rappers taking lyrical shots at each other. They finally arrived at a form of truce with Schrody backing out since he wasn't in that game to fight to begin with, but it seems he did not want to appear to be intimidated by the overly passionate Marshall Mathers.

This tune is a fine example of his ability to pen down lyrics to wrap a message and story into a four minute time frame. This is an artistic video put together by caw102496 on the Youtube channel.
"White Trash Beautiful" Everlast

Everlast wrote "Letters From Home in the Garden of Stone" in honor of the current war situation in the Middle East.
"Who you think i should be fighting
Mom are you proud are you ashamed
I really am trying to do the right thing
I hope my government can say the same

cause I won't know the man that kills me
and I don't know these man that I kill
We all wind up on the same side
cause not one of us doing God's will"

"Letters Home from the Garden of Stone"

Everlast's music and news can be found over at his myspazz site.

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