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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eyes of Texas on Jason Castro - and Everlast

(Thanks to pinkpjs for the photos - you are too kind!)
I did not get to go see the Idol show in Dallas, it was the night of my youngest kid's first day of school; being a school night we could not be up late. I'll just plan on catching up with Jason Castro later when he comes home and perhaps books some of the local spots. Jason Castro might draw a crowd too big to play, say, Muddy Waters, a laid back place on lower Greenville, but perhaps The Loft would be a good fit. Doesn't really matter where, just preferably a Friday night, you know, to fit my schedule. Just showing some support for the local Daydreaming Boy...
"Traveling Through" Jason Castro (Idol appearance)

video c/o Diane8806

Speaking of The Loft, Everlast, of whom I've been blogging about the past few days is going to be in town Friday, October 17. He's on tour promoting his new album due out September 23, just days before my birthday...just F.Y.I.

Everlast, "Love for Real", video created by Zayka69
This tune carries an old school soul vibe with a twist in the rhythms that give it a unique modern sound. Everlast's phrasing is the key. His vocals drip sexy.

Everlast tributes Johnny Cash, inserts his brand of tongue-in-cheek humor (love that shirt). Cool little video with some old Johnny Cash footage included. Some folks have loved this take, others not so much.
"Folsom Prison Blues"

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