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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Fans: The Funny Ways of Letting Taylor Hicks Down

You know it's one thing to have an interest in a singer, celebrity, it's completely another thing to consider oneself 'Hall Monitor' for that individual. This little phenomenon is commonplace among the fans circumventing American Idol contestants. Interesting in an odd non-important way but perhaps a study in what drives the popularity of that show.

It's funny some of the tactics used to gang up or run off 'elements' that the kewl kids on the block deem non desirable. Like in my blog yesterday, these characters are still back in the school yard ganging up and playing bully. Just like those schoolyard bullies they find justification in random ways for their actions, and just like those schoolyard bullies, they are always on the side of 'right'.

Another funny thing, many like to hide behind the 'bringing it all back together' facade while still carrying on the fight, behind the scenes so to speak. In the Girlfriends blog, once again Chill comes out looking like she wants unity, is against the name calling of 'good' fan, vs 'bad' fan, even starts a post about her let's all get along facade. Well, it does make her appear to be fair and nice and sane, even though behind the scenes she befriends and makes wagers in order to intimidate and try to kick me off of a certain site. That whole concept an obvious attempt brought out by the troubled 15 Minutes of Fame person designed to keep me away, natch. So obvious, so low-brow and so childish. Ah, those Kwazzy Fanatics.

Then there's the sisters of Taylor Hicks' fandom who are incessantly yapping about suing this person or that. Man, litigious must be their middle name, if it's not one thing, it's another issue that has them screaming 'court' and 'criminals'. Then, as a side note, curiously at the top of Chill's site, she has in her website "...be nice" as something Taylor Hicks supposedly said in reference to the fans.

Apparently that does not apply to many of the ladies at the Girlfriends' site. That or the definition is what is the issue. Let's see, "Nice".

Ah, Mr. Hicks, I think certain somebodies are letting you down.

"Don't Let Me Down" Taylor Hicks

video c/o sunnydey1

You all be nice.

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